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Google officially retired Google Podcasts on Apr 22, 2024

Google officially retired Google Podcasts on Apr 22, 2024 and they have replaced it with YouTube Music. 

To learn more about getting your Podcast on YouTube Music click here 

Google has released Google Podcasts, their platform exclusively for podcasts. 

Once you’ve claimed your podcast (it takes less than a minute!), you’ll automatically gain access to Podcast Manager, a robust analytics system that tracks everything that happens with your podcast on the Google Podcast platform.

How to Claim Your Podcast on Google Podcasts

Step 1. Make sure you have an Email tag in your RSS feed. (You will not be able to claim a podcast without an email in your feed.) 
To do this, go to your Settings page, click Directories, Feed Settings click "Change Settings", then enter an email address and save. 

Step 2. Copy your RSS feed from your Manage tab.

Step 3. Visit to submit and verify your Podomatic RSS feed with Google.

Step 4. Find your podcast on Google Podcasts and share! 

To Confirm on Podomatic:
Once your show is appearing on Google, copy the URL of your show on Google and paste it into the "Confirmation" box on Podomatic. Simply go back to your Directories tab, select Google, and paste your Google Podcast URL to confirm.