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Use Podomatic in your language

Language FAQ

If you would like to have the Podomatic website translated into the language of your choosing you can use Google Chrome to do this.

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser
  2. Go to: chrome://settings/languages
  3. Once there click “Add Language”
  4. Choose select your language 
  5. Open a new browser window go to
  6. Once there in the upper right corner you will see 3 dots click on those
  7. Then select translate from the options 
8. You will then get an option for the language to translate click that
9. Click the 3 dots again at the upper right corner make sure you select “Always translate to english” this doesnt make a lot of sense but when you click that now when you move about the Podomatic site it will now translate all the pages

You are now good to go