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Import your podcast and publish for Live Stats

Importing your podcast to Podomatic allows your episodes, media, and metadata to seamlessly transfer over to your new Podomatic account. 

To import your current RSS feed over to your new Podomatic feed: 

  1. Create a Free account on Podomatic using the same email address associated with your old RSS Feed
  2. Open a chat with our Support Team
  3. Provide us with your current RSS URL and your new Podomatic RSS URL and ask to Import
  4. After the import is complete, ask your current host for a 301 redirect to your new Podomatic RSS URL.  (This will replace your old feed with your new one in directories so you will get your stats on Podomatic. You will not need to resubmit to streaming platforms you’ve already submitted to and will keep all of your followers/subscribers.) 
  5. Allow 24 to 72 hours for redirect to go through 
  6. Publish your next episode on Podomatic! 

Note: We can NOT import your historical Stats. 
In rare cases, you may need to re-validate your podcast feed with certain directories. 

Start Seeing Live Stats

After importing, redirecting, and publishing you'll need to upgrade your account to either our Platinum or Broadcaster PRO plan. 

Once upgraded, you'll be able to watch stats come in on new episodes in Real-Time! That data will automatically be compared to the previous episode you published so you can see listening trends, peak listening times, etc. 

PLEASE reach out to us if you have any questions or need help using any of our tools!