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Mobile App Tutorial

PodOmatic's mobile app is the perfect way to take your favorite PodOmatic podcasts with you everywhere. We've strived to create the easiest consuming experience possible because the largest podcasting community on the planet deserves nothing less.

You'll note that there are 5 tabs at the bottom of the screen. Each of these are different sections of the app. We'll cover each one.

Quick Discovery - Quick Discovery allows you to pick from a list of podcast episodes within the categories that matter to you. Simply choose Music or Talk and then select a category that fits your preferences. A few extremely popular podcast episodes will be presented to you and you can start consuming with just a click. Once you decide if you like something you can follow that podcast or like the episode. You can also add the episode to a playlist, which we'll discuss more in just a moment.

MyStuff - MyStuff is where the episodes you like and podcasters you follow are stored for future access. Whenever a new episode from any podcast you follow is released you will be alerted and can access it easily here.

You can also make playlists so that you can listen to an assortment of your favorite episodes, in any order you like, at anytime. You can add episodes to your playlist from almost anywhere in the app and can manage all of your playlists from one page. Every playlist you create on the website will also appear on the mobile app and vice versa, and can be accessed from anywhere!

Top 100 - You can browse through the top 100 podcasts by category and by city and find all of the most popular shows on PodOmatic. We have so much content and this is the best way to browse through it at your own pace to find a podcast that speaks to you.

Featured - This is a list of currently featured podcasts from the PodOmatic community. This list is constantly updating and will always be full of great options that you may have not found any other way. Check back daily and sample from the largest community of podcasters on the planet.

Search - Are you looking for something specific? Then search is where you need to be. You can search titles, keywords and genres and the results will give you that needle in the haystack that you had been hoping to find. With so much great content to choose from, this is the best way to narrow down your results and find your new favorite podcast.

With so much amazing talent all in one place, our goal with the PodOmatic app is to allow you, the consumer, to find and easily access your favorite stuff from anywhere! Listen at work, at the gym, in the car or at home and keep track of all of the shows that you love. We know you'll enjoy the new consuming experience that Homebase brings to the table. Thanks for using PodOmatic and welcome to the vibrant community of podcasters and consumers. You are what makes this place so special!

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