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How to start a podcast
How to start a podcast

So you've decided to start your very own podcast. That's great news! Podcasting is a great way to get your name or brand out there and every single podcast, no matter how popular, started right exactly where you are now. With just an idea. A lot of people struggle with exactly how to turn that idea into a quality podcast. Let's go step by step on how to move from an idea to a podcast.

  1. Create an account on PodOmatic. It's free!

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  3. Establish your needs

  4. What elements are in your podcast idea? Do you need multi-tracking, do you want to have guests, do you need intros and outros, do you want to edit several pieces of audio together to make your episode? Establishing these elements will help you determine how you should record your podcast and what software you may need to build your episodes. Here are some options we trust.

  5. Figure out how you want to record

  6. You don't need any special equipment to record a podcast here on Podomatic. With our easy-to-use recording Recording you can record, edit and publish right here on our site. Audio is professionally processed and leveled so you have the highest quality recording possible. Boothtool don Recording Booth

  7. Upload and Publish on Podomatic

  8. Publishing a show on Podomatic is very simple. We have a great publishing system that walks you through all of the steps, from adding a title to uploading an image. Everything you need to add to an episode is broken down, step by step.

  9. Distribute your podcast to the world

  10. Once brve published your episode, all brs left to do is distribute it to the world! With partners like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts, Pandora and more, your show will be accessible to anyone, anywhere. Submission to our partners is 100% Free!thatyou

    And just like that, pre a globally distributed podcaster! you

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