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Podcasting Tips and Tricks

So you've made a podcast and now you want to make it better. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. When you produce your show, be the MC.  Podcasting is a cult of personality and shows are much better when you're involved. Let your listeners know who you are and entertain them.

  2. Get your listeners involved.  Nothing is better than adding listener comments and talking about listeners. They'll love you for it. We provide you with serveral tools to receive feedback from your listeners.

  3. Grow your audience.  We provide you with several tools to help you grow your audience and get the word out. After each post you can send your episode straight to Facebook and Twitter by pasting the link or using the automatic Facebook share feature. If your listeners share that link and 10 people share that link and 100 people share that get the idea. You can grow your audience from a close circle of friends to thousands in less than a day.

  4. Add yourself to directories.  iTunes is the most well-known podcast directory outside of PodOmatic. Adding your podcast there will increase the chances that people find your podcast. Go here for more information on how to add your podcast to iTunes. But don't stop there. Ask your listeners to rate and comment on your show on iTunes as well. That will increase your ranking in iTunes and get you more listeners.

  5. Upload cover art.  When any directory displays your podcast your cover art will be used to represent your show. It is very important that you upload cover art and discribe your podcast correctly. You can do this from your Podcast Settings page.

  6. Post often but not too often.  Don't wait a month to do a new podcast. The more often you post the more your listeners will be entertained. Don't post too much because you can burn them out. Posting an hour show each day is probably too much.

  7. Make sure your podcast isn't too long.  Research shows that people tend to prefer shows that are between 15 and 20 minutes in length. Some of your listeners may tune in during their daily commute which is around 30 minutes. The longest is New York City which averages 38.4 minutes.

  8. Ask your listeners to post comments.  Comments are a great way for your listeners to tell you how you're doing. A vibrant listener community will have lots of comments with people talking among each other.

  9. Get in our top ten.  The best way to get into our top 10 or top 100 is to drive traffic to your podcast page. Your ranking is calculated, in part, based on unique visits to your page. The best way to increase unique visits is to ask listeners to follow you so that they get notified when a new episode is posted.

  10. Post show descriptions.  Show notes are a great resource for people who want to know more about what is on your show. Your show notes will also end up in our search engine so people can find your show based upon its contents.

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