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Introduction to Statistics and Rankings

stats This article answers three basic questions about statistics and rankings on PodOmatic:

1. What do the statistical terms mean?
2. How are podcast rankings calculated?
3. What do you get with Statistics?

What do the statistical terms mean?

A play is counted when someone initiates playback of one of your podcast episodes on PodOmatic or in an embedded player. PRO members also have access to Completes and Skips data. A Skip is counted when someone listens to less than 10% of an episode. A Complete is anything greater than 10%.

A like is counted when someone clicks the "Like" button while listening to one of your podcast episodes on PodOmatic.

Embeds are also known as Embed Loads. An embed is counted when we recieve a request for embedded player data from a domain that is not Some sites, including Facebook, cache player data, meaning that they will only request this data a handful of times per day.

Also important to note is that this does not count plays from embedded players at al. Those are still counted in the "plays" statistic.

A playlist is counted any time someone adds one of your podcast episodes to a playlist on PodOmatc.

A follow is counted when someone Follows you on PodOmatic.

A comment is counted when someone leaves a comment on one of your podcast episodes.

A visit is like a page view. A visit is counted when someone visits your podcast page or any of your permalink pages.

A download is counted when someone downloads the media file associated with a podacst episode. This could happen via programs like iTunes or directly from the PodOmatic web site.

Some regular PodOmatic customers might notice that the statistic called "Subscribers" is no longer visible. Why is this, you ask? The Subscribers statistic was counted by adding up the daily RSS feed views from unique IP addresses, not the number of individuals who actually subscribe to a podcast via iTunes. This led to quite a bit of confusion because the number would vary wildly from day to day, there was no way to tell if people un-subscribed, and the number that that method generated was much higher than the actual number of people who subscribed using iTunes. We decided it was better give our customers accurate and straightforward data and do away with "Subscribers". A round-about way to determine the number of people subscribed to your podcast in iTunes is to look at the number of Downloads you get above the norm when you publish a new episode; people who are subscribed to your podcast will automatically download your latest episode when they launch iTunes.

For more information on what's changed from the old statistics system, click here.

How are podcast rankings calculated?
Our ranking system is designed to reward podcasters who publish top-notch content on a regular basis and generate audience engagement. All eight statistical factors -- plays, likes, embeds, playlists, follows, comments, visits, and downloads -- are part of the calculation.

What do you get with Statistics?
PRO Statistics are simple enough for a newbie and sophisticated enough for the serious data-head. Charts, maps, and tables make exploring and understanding your data easy, so you know where your audience is coming from and how they're interacting with your podcast. Keep an eye on trends, identify popular episodes, and see where people are embedding your players. If there's something you want to know, chances are you can find it out with PRO Statistics.

Consider an upgrade to PRO to access PRO Statistics if you're currently a basic member!

The Overview tab gives you a heads-up view of all of your statistics, a map of plays worldwide, and a list of your top embed locations. Think of this like your dashboard for PRO Statistics.

The Geography tab maps your data by country, and on click, by city. See where people are playing your episodes and where your followers are located.

The Embeds tab tells you which sites are loading your embedded players.

The Audience tab displays your most recent followers and commenters. See who is responding to your show!

The Epsiodes tab charts stastistics on a per-episode basis. You'll also see a breakdown of Completes (people who played >10% of an episode) versus Skips, and plays on PodOmatic versus plays from embedded players.

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