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Can I schedule a podcast?
Scheduling a podcast publishing date is easy on Podomatic!

First, head on over to our older publishing flow here. On the navigation bar, you can also hover over "Post New", then click "Quick Post". Once you're on the quick post flow, click the link that says "Want to use the old publishing flow? Click here.".

The scheduling option is under the tab labeled "Review/Publish". Before you get there, make sure you go through the earlier steps listed so that you podcast file is uploaded, your podcast description is filled out, etc.

Under the "Review/Publish" tab, select "Publish Later" under the "Publication Date" option.

Once you schedule your publish date, continue through and complete the rest of the publishing flow.

Your episode is now scheduled to publish!

If you head over to your Management page, you'll notice there is a scheduling date along with time next to the episode so you can always see the details on when your episode is going to go live!
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