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Clips! Visual audio clips to share on Social Media

Episode Clips are a great way to share the most exciting parts of your podcast episodes to huge audiences on Instagram Reels, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and more. 

Clips are video clips generated from the audio of your podcast episodes. These video clips can be posted or shared on any Social Media platform that supports video! 

Clips automatically packages your Episode Artwork, Podcast title, Episode title, and 2 minutes or less of the audio from your selected episode, into a high-quality video that you can access and download from the “Video” tab in your Media Library or by email. 

Clips by Podomatic

To create a Clip 

  1. On your Manage page, locate the episode that you’d like to share 
  2. Click the “3-Dot” icon on the top right corner of the episode
  3. Select “Generate a Clip” 
  4. Select your layout between Square, Portrait, or Landscape
  5. Select up to 2 minutes of audio from the episode
  6. Click “Create your Clip”
Your Episode Clip will be available for download from the “Video” tab in your Media Library. You will also be emailed a download link to save the video clip to your mobile device. 

To Share your Clip, simply post the video you downloaded to all of your social media accounts!