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KaRi from TPSradio & State of the USPS
By KaRi from TPSradio + ThePrimeSpot.TV
National Los Angeles 11 Followers   45 Episodes

Listen to Interview about USPS on WZRD 88.3 fm radio Chicago Karen M. Nielsen USPS Employee
Also see:   and google: Dominick VS Louis DeJoy (The Guardian).   Also IWP DeJoy.

Hi I'm KaRi. I started TPSradio in 1999, podcasting Feb 2005. The rage became "Live Internet TV" (mogulus, etc.) in 2008 and in 2012 TPS returned to cable access TV.  TPS college radio was heard on campus at CSULB via the internet, live webcast with simultaneous audio broadcast over Community Television. TPSradio also aired on Cerritos and LB City Colleges.

TPSradio featured Talent, Products, and Services in The (562).  I read local newspaper headlines, spoke and wrote in dot coms about anything I wanted in "LBweekly" in View from the Hill Newspaper.  I micro-distributed the Newspaper (my column had listings of Art Receptions by zip code and and mentioned bands with upcoming gigs you can hear OVER LBCTelevison via Charter and ATT Uverse).  Promoted fundraisers and EXPRESS MAIL, getting things from pt A to pt B (back when it was about $22 but you can't "sell" anything on cable access TV).

Loved street teaming timeless TPSradio on LBCTelevision postcards with upcoming events on the flipside at the coffee shops (until the franchises stopped doing that one mid-April).. When Community Television went dark in 2008, the FCC linked my website on theirs.  The page it went to had a link to the local cable TV presence I created on youtube with an array of shows produced in LBC.  I worked camera on quite a few but never wanted to be on TV myself.

In addition to The Prime Spot radio show heard on cable access TV where I played all genres, my print column, radio show(s) and Live webcast, I created a newsletter that wrote itself.  HOW:  I googled key words "562" "newsletter" and "subscribe" to find the LOCAL newsletters.  Then, instead of subscribing  to each one independently, I subscribed as LBweekly@yahooGROUPS(.com).   So if anyone subscribed to LBweekly(.com) they would get ONE daily email called TPS eNews (The Prime Spot newsletter) which contained all of the other newsletters!

I had some other ideas that were really cool and can still work but at that time no one really understood podcasting. I did a few live blues webcasts with a small asus computer from Clancy's downtown; interviewed Leo Laporte at the very first podcast Expo in Ontario CA 2005...

CURRENT PROJECT while on hiatus from work:  Get rid of my boss' boss' boss' and retore TRUST IN USPS.  The Best Deal in America was the First Class Letter until the Postal Police were taken off street patrol.  PMG Louis DeJoy started June 2020 and in August "USPS OIG KEY" report let the thieves know how easy master keys are to get.

Postmaster Louis DeJoy's brother Dominick sued him over messing with his mail and tricking him out of the trucking and delivery business.. Dominick mentioned the Glass-Steagall Act in his book of Love Poems which is odd because that has to do with commercial vs investment banks, when the banks went bust and according to "About LDJ" he made millions from the family business by working USPS contracts awarded without competition. ....... Some people think DeJoy is Trump's puppet.  Try the other way around.  With vast international intelligence presence, PMG LDJ has been active with the Institute of World Politics for over a decade.  DeJoy just spoke in March put the contents won't be shared... DO NOT TOUCH MY RETIREMENT OR TSP PLAN!  And remove DeJoy who should have NEVER been hired.  

LOOK at all of the news videos on youtube "Carrier Robbed" "Master Key Stolen."  How many unplanned  babies have been born due to DeJoy's negligence of NOT addressing Customer concerns (delivery of birth control pills).   Postmaster Louis DeJoy is misleading the public about receive items an average of  2.5days WHEN the NON delivered items are not figured into the performance statistics.

Get him out!

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