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The Captain's AMERICA - Third Watch...
By Matt Bruce
Conservative (Right) Sarasota 228 Followers   391 Episodes
Simply the BEST & most informative LIVE News-Talk Radio Show On Your Overnight Radio Dial! Listen To 'Tomorrow's News, Tonight' We LOVE America... Broadcasting from our Flagship Salem Media Group Stations: AM 860 The Answer Tampa FL, AM 930 The Answer Sarasota FL + FM 93.7. We are heard across America & around the World via over 200 Affiliates which onclude Radio, Internet Streams, Podcasts, Satellite & Delayed Rebroadcast. Atlanta, you can hear us on Salem Media Group Station AM 920 The Answer. Seattle on MegaTalk AM 900 & 1420, Talk America Radio Network stations Talk 92.1 WDDQ FM in Valdosta, GA, Talk 107.5 WJHC in Jasper, FL, Cowboy Logic Radio, Freedom In America Radio, iHeart Radio, iTunes, ROKU, TalkstreamLive, Top Talk Radio & TuneIn.. Download our FREE app for your iPad, iPhone, Laptop or Personal Computer by going to the AM 860 The Answer website... "The Captain's AMERICA - Third Watch" with Retired Captain Matt Bruce is LIVE from 2-6 AM ET Monday thru Friday & 2-5 AM ET on Saturday's.. We have some of the best guests on the radio! They have included: President Donald Trump - in 2016 we were the 1st Tampa radio station to interview him as a GOP Presidential candidate, Former President George W Biush, Cong Greg Steube - FL , Cong Vern Buchanan - FL 16, Cong Gus Bilarakis - FL, Sen Marco Rubio R-FL, OH Cong Jim Jordan, Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Former Sen Rick Santorum, FL Gov Rick Scott, Former Arkansas Gov Mike Huckabee, Eddie Floyd- America Matters Media, Wayne Allyn Root - Root4America, Christopher Buskirk - American Greatness Editor, US Army Ret Gen David Patraeus,  US Army Ret LTG Keith Kellogg, US Army Ret MG Paul Vallely - Stand Up AmericaUS, USAF Ret LTG Tom McInerney, Col Jim Waurishuk - Ret USAF & Fmr Deputy Intel Director, Denise Simon - Founders Code Intel Analyst, Ed Klein - Best Selling Author, Alan Axelrod PhD.- NY Times bestselling Author Historian, Kyle Warren - The Professor of Politics, Denise Simon - Founders Code, Chris Markowski - The Watchdog On Wall Street, Frank Salvato - New Media Journal, Ron Edwards - The Edwards Notebook & More.... We offer a FREE app available for your iPad, iPhone, Laptop or Personal Computer at the AM 860 The Answer website... Tell your friends to tune in & get informed! Breaking News when it happens with great guests & listener calls are always welcome 1-877-969-8600! You have a VOICE here on "The Captain's AMERICA - Third Watch." God Bless America! Weekends our Radio network expands to 200+ radio stations which includes numerous Internet Radio stations who broadcast across America plus around the World... Streaming on AM860THEANSWER, AM930THEANSWER, AM1380THEBIZ, IHeartRadio, iTalkUS, Pandora Radio, GCN Live Radio, StreamOn, TalkAmericaRadio, TalkstreamLive & TuneIn. Our radio show website, Conservative Talk Radio, Talk2KRadio, UndergroundUSA  & Top Talk Radio... We feature BREAKING News, the BEST Guests & Conservative Talk found anywhere on your radio dial and welcome you to listen 24/7 via this Podcast... We are also heard as a Pundit several times a week on our Radio Station Affiliates opining on the news stories of the day, LIVE Mon-Fri on KRNG 101.3 FM & AM 1180 KCKQ with Eddie Floyd on "A.M. News," plus on "Nevada Matters" With Eddie Floyd, Faith Talk Radio AM 570 & 910 WTBN Radio On The Bill Bunkley Show.. We have also have been heard as a Political & Veterans Advocate Pundit on Salem Radio's "Morning In America" with Bill Bennett, "The Mike Gallagher Show," "The Michael Medved Show," "The Hugh Hewitt Show," "The Dennis Prager Show," FOX News Radio with Brian Kilmeade, "The Nature Coast Morning News" with Mike Reeves on 99.9 WXJB FM & many other fine radio Shows across America... I have served my Country in the Military as a Vietnam Combat Veteran, 25 years in the Fire Service retiring as a Fire-Rescue Captain who responded to the World Trade Center in NYC on 9/11/2001 and currently have a career officer son serving in the US Marine Corps... To put it simply, we were Tea Party before the Tea Party was ever COOL! being the co-founder of 3 FL TEA Party Groups, never wavering, not faltering in my American, Christian, Core, Conservative, Independent, Patriotic principles... We are honored to have a very large Military & TEA Party audience listening to us & welcome all of you to 'chime-in' by calling 1-877-969-8600. Our Military is always invited to participate on our show... We are YOUR radio show and encourage ALL of you to email, follow us on Facebook as "The Captain's AMERICA Radio Show" & on Twitter as "@captainsamerica"... You'll hear more STIMULATING talk at your original home of 'COMMON SENSE' as we feature all the latest TEA Party News from across America, Military Guests, News Maker Guests, Intel Analyst Reports, Political Candidates, Pundits plus lots MORE... See you on the Radio or right here via this Podcast! You can become part of the SOLUTION or remain part of the PROBLEM America is faced with... We also welcome all those TEA Party, Patriot & 9-12 Groups across America to keep us informed. Having been dubbed the "VOICE of the TEA Party Movement along the SW part of FL and beyond"... We have MC'd and given speeches at numerous TEA Party & 9-12 Events all across FL plus in Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC. 'The Captain' is available to speak at your group event or rally. Our "FIRE & BRIMSTONE Tour" is making the rounds across Florida as numerous TEA Party groups ramp up their efforts for the 2014 Mid-Term Elections. To find out more about having us speak at your event, send us an email or call 727-421-0562... Whether you're an EMT, Firefighter, Merchant Marine Member, Police Officer, Security Guard, Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, Marine, or Coast Guardsmen, this Radio Show is dedicated to YOU! We support what each and every one of you do for America every day. We deliver a POSITIVE message from those serving America and honor ALL of those who defend, protect and serve America keeping us free & safe... We've been presented with several awards by both the DOD, Military Units and others for our help in getting the message from our Military men and women out to America and the World, our work with wounded Warriors & are honored to have been chosen by DOD DVIDS to do so with our radio show... Our Nationally Syndicated Weekend Radio Show can be heard on GCN Live, UndergroundUSA Radio, Phoenix Broadcasting,  Radioways in Germany,  Gaana in India, Shoutcast, Talk America Radio, The Conservative Talk Radio Network, Top Talk Radio, Talkstream Live, Talk 2 K Radio & over 50 more Internet Radio websites across America and around the World. Check out our website: to find out how to listen & when the show's being broadcast on the air. Joe Weaver is our national syndication manager & he can reached by calling 813-468-3341... I got my start in radio many years ago on 1260 WNDR Radio in Syracuse, NY as a "Teen Scene" Reporter and later became a weekend Radio News Reporter there while recovering from wounds suffered while serving in Vietnam... We were originally heard locally in FL on the radio weekly starting in 2001 on 1280 WTMY-Sarasota, then went to weekdays in 2005 on 1490 WWPR-Bradenton, 1220 & 106.9 WSRQ in Sarasota, 1340 WTAN in Clearwater, 820 WWBA in Tampa, 1470 WMGG in Largo, 1450 WWJB in Brooksville, 99.9 WXJB in Homasassa and now our Radio Show has grown into a LIVE Nationally Syndicated Overnight Radio Show 2-6 AM ET eminating from our Flagship Stations AM 860 & AM 930 & FM 93.7 - 'The Answer' in Tampa & Sarasota, FM 93.7 in Bradenton ... I've also had the honor of being a guest pundit on numerous TV Shows. Seen on FOX & Friends "Radio Rumble" in 2010, broadcasted LIVE from the CNN-TEA Party Express Presidential Debate Sept 2011 in Tampa, did LIVE call-in reports for IRN-USA Radio Network stations from the 2012 Republican National Convention in 2012, Salem Radio Network as a regular guest contributor, also on radio stations like 970 WFLA & "AM Tampa Bay," 1450 WWJB & 99.9 WXJB on "The Nature Coast Morning News," 860 WGUL & 930 WLSS, 570 & 910 WTBN on "The Bill Bunkley Show" and we talk about Homeland Security, Military, Political and TEA Party News on many other Radio Shows during the week as well... "The Captain's AMERICA Radio Show" has grown consistently and is now heard on Radio Stations across America through syndication, around the World on the Internet on numerous Internet Stations, on Satellite and also heard on Shortwave Radio... Special thanks to the 150,000+ subscribers of our Radio Show Podcast from all sources including Facebook, Podomatic, Google Groups, GCN Live, MeSWe, Gab, Parler, Twitter, Yahoo Groups and Web Sites to numerous to mention where our Radio Show Podcast is being played... Folks there are Radio Stations who can't say they've got 150,000+ people listening to them so we really appreciate all those who subscribe to and receive our podcast... Our Radio Show Podcast has been frequently listed on the Podomatic "Movers & Shakers List" amongst the Top 50 Podcast's of the day and we are honored for all of the listener support... You can also read my many written articles at the News Sarasota Google Group,,, New Media, The Captain's AMERICA Online Newspaper & also on many other fine website's around the World through syndication... Listen to us on your I-Phone, I-Pad, I-Tunes, Windows Media, Real Player Network or your Wi-Fi car radio as well as numerous other websites all around the World... Wi-Fi the new beginning for Radio now available across America and around the World. Both Chrysler Corporation, Mini Cooper & now selected Toyota cars come with Internet Radio available in their cars with more being added every year... If your local Radio Station isn't carrying our Show, ask them to contact us and we'll tell them how easy it is to add our Show to their lineup at no cost to them. Send an email to: or call Joe Weaver in Tampa @ 813-468-3341... Give us a listen and you'll find out what you've been missing. Often imitated but never duplicated, we are your place for more "STIMULATING Talk and the original home of COMMON SENSE," now celebrating 15 years on REAL radio station airwaves.... The Show Host, Matt Bruce, is a Retired Fire-Rescue Captain who was injured in the line of duty, a First Responder to the attacks of September 11th, 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York City, a former Town Tax Assessor who helped roll back the taxes in his Hometown during the 80's which resulted in the growth of not only the Town but also increased the tax rolls through new development and growth in the process and a Vietnam Veteran with a son currently serving in the U.S. Marine Corps on active duty... Matt Bruce is a no nonsense American Conservative Independent thinking Patriot who walks the walk and talks the talk. While others try to tear down America, we at "The Captain's AMERICA" support America and stand behind the core principles that our Country was founded on...  Our Show Host, Matt Bruce, is also available for personal appearances or as an MC for your event. For more details, go to: website... You can also invite us to broadcast LIVE from your TEA Party Rally or Event on the weekend by calling us & leaving a message at 727-421-0562. We can provide your weekend Event with a LIVE radio web stream of its own using our Internet broadcast resources for a reasonable charge... God Bless America and ALL Those Who Defend, Protect and Serve Her Keeping All Of Us FREE & SAFE! Thanks, Matt Bruce - 'The Captain' Member 'The Patriot 100'... Follow us on Facebook & Twitter... Member of 'Red State Talk Radio Network'.. Heard LIVE on Salem-Tampa Radio in Tampa & Sarasota, FL.... Host of "The Captain's AMERICA Radio Show" heard weekends on over 200 radio stations...#AmericaFirst #Conservative #Patriotic more
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