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Here's the thing - Self empowerment
By Lesley Van Staveren
Self-Help Melbourne 4 Episodes
Here’s the thing’ is a podcast on finding the power and confidence in your voice. To know your voice, you first have to know yourself. This podcast guides you through turning other frequencies down and turning yours up. I will cover many aspects that shine light on speaking up ranging from the beliefs that make you feel stuck or unable to draw boundaries for yourself. We will discuss moving pass fear of judgement and comparison, owning who you are and embracing relationships including the one with yourself. These areas take you on a journey to feeling comfortable with speaking up in areas that you may have put aside. Having the inner grounding builds your ability to stand tall and present yourself with confidence in social occasions or even filming videos or presenting at a meeting or on stage. It all starts with you.  Episodes:  •Get off the merry-go-round.  •Don’t dilute yourself.  •Being in the moment – How to tell if you are in your heart or head.  •Understanding what lies beneath.  •Whose voice are you listening to?  •Fear of judgement and comparison.  •Having the hard conversations.  •Ignoring the red flags.  •Speaking up on experiences that have hurt you and coming to a place of acceptance.  •Beginning again and learning to trust yourself.  These are bite sized episodes designed to provoke thought that enables you to see your unique gifts and build confidence in knowing your voice and using it. This podcast is written and delivered by Lesley Van Staveren. NLP Practitioner', speaker and published author of 'Be Your Own Hero. She is a coach specialising in mindset, self-confidence and communication.Note: some topics cover challenging life experiences such as relationship breakdown and pregnancy loss. If you are experiencing emotional or mental difficulty, please ensure you seek professional guidance. The information in this podcast is not intended to replace professional medical or psychological advice. The content is based upon the author’s personal and professional experiences, opinions and qualifications.more
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