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ISUM2015 - Manila Startup Conference
By ISUM2015
Business 1 Followers   5 Episodes
With all of these great ideas growing all over Manila, it’s only fair to give all of that talent and potential an avenue to learn, network and eventually, find an opportunity to grow.   International Start Up Meetings (ISUM) aims to do just that. ISUM has been bringing together startups, professionals, business-owners, mentors and investors since 2011. From the launch in Paris and through other exciting destinations such as Vienna, Lima and Mexico, ISUM has been a platform for entrepreneurs from all over the world. This year, the Philippines is thrilled to have hosted the first ISUM in Asia in Manila on July 10 – 11, 2015 at the Impact Hub, Makati City.   ISUM, spearheaded by international organization AIESEC Alumni, seeks not only to bring together the country’s most promising entrepreneurs, but also to maximize their potential as entrepreneurial leaders. The program includes a series of activities such as leadership seminars, roundtable discussions, workshops and some exciting start-up challenges, among other exciting events!   All this excitement, thankfully, isn’t just exclusive to up and coming entrepreneurs. ISUM welcomes every interested individual wanting to discover how they can contribute to the buzzing innovations for high impact businesses. So to people thinking about how to challenge the status quo, change the way we do things or perhaps those who are already making their ideas come to life, we want to learn more about these awesome ventures. Are you someone interested to work for, partner, invest or simply looking to be inspired, the International Start Up Meetings has its doors wide open for you. The ISUM 2015 program is uniquely designed to inspire leadership and entrepreneurship in order to stimulate, broaden and diversify the start- up movement within the impact business sector. Featuring thought- provoking plenary sessions, innovation and leadership workshops and roundtable discussions. We have the following speakers in-line for you:         Gavin Ng, AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific Paris de L’Etraz, IE Venture Labs Tony Abad, Trade Advisory Group Manny Ayala, Endeavour Philippines  Jackie Van den Ende, Lamudi Philippines Subir Lohani, Carmudi Philippines Andy Rapista, Watson Institute Bill Yuen, EntrepreneurHK Noreen Bautista, St. Mutien Colleg Paul Rivera, Kalibrr Japhet Kariuki, Barefoot College Monette Hamlin, TeamAsia Marco Villa, Italian Angels for Growth Israel Keys Anthony Pangilinan, BusinessWorks Inc. Catherine Ocariz, Cultural Intelligence Center Ellyne Lamin, Social Enterprise Malaysia Ryan Galloway, iCare Benefits Peter Tay, Chairman, TPS Group Singapore Joseph Ziegler, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, muru-D Singapore Joel Santos – Managing Director, Monde NuAgri Mignon Ramos, AIESEC Alumni Philipines more
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