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Glacier - MUSIC - SOUL - RHYTHM podcast
By Glacier
House London 10 Followers   8 Episodes
Soulful, Deep, Tech, Skippy and Bumpy House Music 1. The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre. Soul 2. A sense of pride among people, expressed in areas such as language, social customs, religion, and music. 3. A strong, deeply felt emotion conveyed by a speaker, a performer, or an artist. Rhythm 4. The pattern or flow of sound created by the arrangement of stressed and unstressed syllables in accentual verse or of long and short syllables in quantitative verse I aim to bring you these elements in unison Glacier is a London based dj who is a variety of musical influences and styles. Living by the ideology that "DJ's don't die, they move with the times", Glacier started in the world of RnB with artists such as Carl Thomas, Faith Evans and Destiny's Child in the late 90's. Being brought up on many styles of music such as High Life, Hip Life, and Pop one sound really caught his attention. Soul music which was championed by the labels Atlantic and Motown made Glacier fall in love with the funky guitars and disco sound. In the late 90's the disco sound had resurfaced with songs like You Don't Know Me - Armand Van Helden, Music Sounds Better - Stardust, Don't Call Me Baby - Madison Avenue, Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) - Spiller and Lady - Mojo. This caught Glacier's attention and as the sound of RnB changed in the new decade, Glacier fell out of love with the music and moved into House looking at djs such as Aylesbury Allstars, Booker T, Wigman, Pioneer and The Original Supa D as well as Basement Jaxx, Groove Armada, Cassius and The Superman Lovers. After understanding the format of house from DJ Equilibrium's teachings and how to mix he was brought to the attention of Deja Vu and brought along Malloy who he had met at university. Malloy was a Garage/Grime dj and together they shared a show playing various sounds of House and started working towards separate shows. 2 years on and Glacier is now on Saturdays 1400 -1600 GMT occasionally joined by Malloy playing House along the undertones of soulful, tech, skippy and bumpy. You may ask what is skippy and bumpy well it is Glacier's perception of certain productions that have percussion in the snare postion in the beat pattern that gives that skippy-ness similar to 2 step garage hence the skippy and therefore bumpy undertones.more
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