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Fabulous Beatmashers' Podcast
By Fabulous Beatmashers™
Music 5 Followers   0 Episodes
1)Intro – The Fabulous Beatmashers 2) Just Dance vs. Sweet Dreams (Divide & Kreate) Lady Gaga vs. Eurythmics 125.9 BPM 3) Get the Sweet Dreams started (DMC Mix) Pink vs. Eurhythmics 126.0 BPM 4) Low Summer (Vision Deejays Bootleg) Flo-Rida vs. R.I.O. 130.0 BPM 5) Low Lovin (DJ Earworm) Flo Rida & T-Pain vs. Chromeo & Yuksek 130,0 BPM 6) Low Addict (Party Ben) Stock Aitken vs. Partyben 134,0 BPM 7) Am Limit vs. He..s not in (Limited White Label 2003) Chicken Lips vs. Deichkind126.1 BPM 8) Bring the higher state of olds (Booty Bass Mashup) Public Enemy vs. Josh Winx 125.9 BPM 9) Bad Ego (DJ Earworm) Michael Jackson vs. Alter Ego 130,0 BPM 10) Whoomp there it is vs. De Janeiro (Fabulous Beatmashers) Tag Team vs. R.I.O. 130.0 BPM 11) Give it 2 me vs. Southpop (Fabulous Beatmashers) Madonna vs. DK 127.4 BPM 12) Lick it vs. Children (Inpetto Mix – Fabulous Beatmashers) 20 Fingers vs. Robert Miles 128.0 BPM 13) Closer vs. Jaguar (Fabulous Beatmashers) NeYo vs. Sebastien Leger 130.0 BPM 14) Closer vs. Sun Is Shining (Pomatic..s Remake/Fabulous Beatmashers) NeYo vs Bob Marley vs. Funkstar Deluxe 130.1BPM 15) Loving Arms (Beat Thrillerz) Billie Ray Martin vs. Yves LaRock 128.0 BPM 16) Rise up Bucovina (Beat Thrillerz) Yves Larock vs. Shantel 128.0 BPM 17) All night long vs. Greece 2000 (Lucky7/Fabulous Beatmashers) Faith Evans vs. 3 Drives on a Vinyl 128.0 BPM 18) No Air vs. Nonstop (Benny Benassi Remix) Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown vs. Twinpitch 130.0 BPM 19) Feels like a Rolling Stone (Ben Double M ) The Temptations vs. Teamster 128,0 BPM 20) My Ideal Sharona (ToToM) Daft Punk vs. The Knack 129.0 BPM 21) 3 Tage Wach vs. Idealistic (Fabulous Beatmashers Remake) Lützenkirchen vs. Daft Punk 129.0 BPM 22) 3 Tage Wach vs. Woz not Woz (Fabulous Beatmashers) Lützenkirchen vs. Eric Prydz 128.0 BPM 23) Let me think about American Boys (Booty Bass Mashup) Estelle vs. Fedde Le Grand 129.0 BPM 24) Another chance of light (Whitelabel Bootleg) Roger Sanchez vs. Madonna 128.0 BPM 25) Move your Feet (Tocadisco Bootleg Remix) Junior Senior 128.0 BPM 26) Wild Thing (Bobby Evans Minimal Edit) Tone Loc feat. Peaches 130,0 BPM 27) Disturbia vs. Get this Feeling (Fabulous Beatmashers) Rihanna vs. Fedde Le Grand 127.6 BPM 28) So into funky Ghost-humping (DJ M.i.F) Ray Parker jr. vs.Busta Rhymes & Ludachris 124.0 BPM 29) I kissed the Alarm Girl (POMATIC's) Katy Perry vs. Beyonce 130.0 BPM 30) I kissed a DJ (DJ Schmolli) Katy Perry vs. Benny Benassi 130.3 BPM 31) I kissed a Pjanoo (ToreroBP) Katy Perry vs. Eric Prydz 128.0 BPM 32) Pjanoo vs. E-Samba (Beat Thrillerz) Eric Prydz vs. Knee Deep 126.0 BPM 33) Dangerous vs. Dont you want me (Fabulous Beatmashers) Kardinals & Akon vs. Young Rebels 128.0 BPM 34) Love Lockdown vs L'Amour Toujour (FabulousBeatmashers) Kanye West vs. GiGi D'Agostino 135.0 BPMmore

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