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Eric "EMan" Clark
By Liberate Recordings
Music New York 25 Followers   0 Episodes
In an attempt to get into the thick of New York nightlife, a young Eric Clark moved downstate from Mount Vernon, NY and landed a job as a security guard at the Ritz. This concert venue that was at the forefront of all musical genres is where he fortuitously began DJing for the first time, blending together all of his loves; soul, rock n roll, jazz, funk, classics, reggae, hip-hop and house. Eventually the music lover left the Ritz and got a job in promotions at Tommy Boy records where he got his nickname, EMan, from Monica Lynch. After leaving Tommy Boy, EMan began a long career in film and television but still continued to DJ and also began to produce his own nightclub events. Through the years DJ EMan has played at NYC bars and clubs such as Coney Island High, Centro-Fly, Chameleon Lounge, Cheetah, Nowbar, 205 Club, Baktun, 13, Idlewild, Sapphire, Frank's Lounge, Warehouse and Ciello, to name a few - and in clubs as far away as Sweden and the Czech Republic. In 1997 EMan co-founded the popular weekly event, Bang The Party, with NYC nightclub reporter Lorie Caval. The intimate, underground house music party where EMan held DJ residency quickly gained local and international acclaim and had a spectacular six-year run. As well, EMan created another weekly dance event in 2000, Deep See, with DJ Lola - which takes place every Tuesday nights at Sapphire Lounge. In 2007, DJ Spider joined the Deep See crew. Articles about EMan, his events and his music have appeared in publications such as; DJ Times, Face (UK), ID (UK), New York Magazine, Next, BMR (Japan), Jockey Slut (UK), Flyer NYC, PAPER, New York Observer, NYPress, Village Voice, Mixer, Big Shot and Time Out New York. During a trip to Chicago in 1999, EMan met talented producer Daryn DJ Quad Brandon and employed his help to produce his first record "Day By Day." The song featured the vocals of EMan's long-time friend Sweet Sable (best known for her club anthem "Love So Special") and was released on HipBone Records in early 2000. Since then EMan has released many internationally renowned singles (with multifarious remixes) on well-respected record labels - including the infamous "It's Yours" on Chez Music, "Musical Prayer" on Wave Music, "I Am the Road" on MAW Recordings and "Brooklyn (Where I Live)"on Sfere Recordings. EMan also co-executive produced the conceptual compilation album, "Bang The Party: Volume One" (Jellybean/Sony) and a soon to be released documentary of the same name. EMan continues to write, produce and vocalize on projects - collaborating with some of the best producers in the global music community and has recently launched the LIBERATE indie record label, along with renowned Chicago-based producer, Doc Link - with a multitude of original dance music forthcoming (available through more

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