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Dj Fonzie Ciaco's Podcast
By Dj Fonzie Ciaco
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Alfonso Ciavoli Cortelli, aka DJ FONZIE CIACO is an Italian dee-jay and producer , born in Naples (Italy) on September 21, 1978. 1990 is the year that marks a turning point in his life: He started his passion for music ... so much to be discovered later as a real companion of his life. In 1991 at age 13 he began DJing as a hobby under the name DJ CIACO. He soon acquires the various techniques of mixing on vinyl from his master DJ Silvano Pagani, starting to buy the first vinyl records, driven by a passion for the 'Euro-beat, which in those years was born. He began his studies of DJ mixing to sound more mainstream 'Underground Britain' s all that 'early 90s' affected the international scene. He debuted in 1995 next to his teacher as a resident dj in the local Hill Country Club c / or the room during the Nolan brothers staircase Mac Pi ' of Liceo Classico G. Carducci (College school) student is referred, in those years became part of dj of the local radio station Radio Stereo Nola St. Massimo, with its mixed program "DJ Time," which mixes dance records of the moment. After this first experience in radio, his music research makes a fundamental step when it joined the staff of "Radio Primula", where as director and sound selector traces his personal imprint on the radio. The "Space Dance" is the daily destination for bringing his music. The radio is the fundamental personal enrichment of its musical background, real value added by its artistic training. And in this path of continuous growth which sees the club the opportunity to make the most of all he has learned. Waiting for the big break playing in clubs that allowed him to express the desire to entertain and have fun, gaining experience and the ability to take the plunge. In fact, even after years of high school continues as a resident DJ at 'Hill Country Club, arriving at the premises of Naples, where he attended the' Federico II' University (Faculty of Pharmacy). So after the collapse of 'Eurobeat ousted by the Progressive, goes to sound more houses. In Naples knows the napoletain Dj Tony Bianco "White" that encouraged him to enter the circuit house in Naples. Towards the end of the 90 ', thanks to his new teacher, knows Enzino Mastantuoni, Carlo Carità, Michael Massi, Maurizio Luise, Francesco Furriello and Claudio Coccoluto, they do show that at the age of 20 years before the public house in the evenings AOL (Angels of Love) as a pioneer, coming into contact with many artists of the American and international house scene. Next to the house sound in those years continues to associate sounds easier and more melodic sounds coming from tribal 'African music. In the years 2000 to alert the 'need for digital switchover, it suffers the' flu, but continues to pursue the 'use of vinyl and defends the significance as a symbol of "deejaying style" also participating in the selection of DMC World DJ Championships in 2001 , and then giving life in Naples at the current "save the vinyl", the "Vinylistics" (dj using only supports music on vinyl). Today it has become a collector of vinyl as a DJ and has to 'about 6000 vinyl records since the early 70' to this day: Dance titles, some classics without disdain. In the second half of the 2000s he was resident dj in the local Nemo, Basa and Glitter in Nola, but continuing to play even on the premises of Naples, not losing sight of the house scene and the Neapolitan dance Salerno. Collaborate then to Salerno as a DJ at the "Camino Real" Pontecagnano until 2004. Here, next to his name dj CIAC, he was given the nickname "Fonzie", even for his forelock that loves to view and oxygenate! But the Neapolitan dj does not lose its name "original" CIAC (CIA-Co = initial Ciavoli Cortelli ... his last name!) And then add it, assuming its present name of DJ CIAC Fonzie! After graduating Doctor of Pharmacy at the Faculty of Naples Federico II (July 2003), is attributed by his friends and associates also the pseudonym "Doctor", forming "Doctor" DJ Fonzie CIAC. From 2005 to 2007 continued as a resident DJ at a local Nemo Nola. In 2008 he worked in local and turtleneck Gorge Pontecagnano (SA) with his friend pr Felice Marotta, whereby the 'following year, together with other friends pr and his brother Antonio Ciavoli Cortelli, founded the "DAMA Group Events" of which he is resident dj, organizing events disco. It also cooperates with the p.r. Nicola Pezzella One Night Events (Frattamaggiore, Naples) as a DJ for events in Naples again. In 2009, then became resident DJ of Salerno Team that organizes evenings of the province of Naples, where he still works and works. The DJ spins a bit week to week all clubs Neapolitan (City, LaCurtis-Karnibal-Puro, Aramacao-Delight, Skalo506, Underbridge-Shine, Living, Empire II-Egyptia Club, Academia, El Divino si club, GoldenGate, History-Remake, Bukumba, Miles, Voga Summer and many others) with Team Bruno and Rosie Salerno Salerno, and was first appreciated for her music (a mix of dance, electronic and house, spanning all genres of music), and then for its professionality , so he was assigned the task of "revival" in the evenings, up to conquer she owns the premises in which he plays. With Salerno Team collaboration with DJ Luca La Torre in the years 2008-2009 and Roby Maravolo (radio CRC), Alex Gallo (Radio Club 91) in 2010-2011. So Naples is known and framed in the dance scene-revival. He has played alongside national and international artists such as Little Luie Vega, Eric Morillo, Kenny Carpenter, Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell, Alex Gaudino, Nicola Fasano, Di Leva Gio, Gigi De Martino, Inna, Edward Maya, Marco Carpentieri, Stefano Gambarelli, Sarah Maine and many others. In the summer 2010 is dj resident also sounds like the beach party at the Lido Beach Sunshine Fusaro-Roman at Cuma (Naples-Pozzuoli) and Guest-DJ in august at El Sombrero of Terracina (LT). In 2011, the group is also working with Lux Harem for the evenings Dark Queen location in Campania(Italy). Famous for its opening night with House and its Classic Revival 70-80-90, which mixes the sounds of the past than today. Still works as a DJ for Radio Mare Italy Network, a web radio program with Mixing 4 U, everyday at 15.00 on It 's still resident DJ' Amnesia lounge bar near Piazza San Nazzaro-Napoli. In March 2011 he produced his first album under the name of "Paranormal Groove" featuring Manuel Mariano, entitled "Paranoico" with the 'International Record label Net'sWork Enzo Maresca and Antonio Martino. Its hard to part with 3 remixes of the remixers' s exception, known internationally as Alex Nocera & Maurizio Montanari, Daniel Petronelli and Alex Addea. The disc is passed by the major radio international stations including Radio Dee-Jay and M2O.more
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