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David-E's Altered Jukebox
By David E's Altered Jukebox
Music 9 Followers   4 Episodes
In the summer of 2000 David-E decided to take care of his roommate’s turntables, records, and mixer. At the time he was pursuing another hobby other than video games. His roommate Gabriel left to Chicago and left behind a collection of Latin Freestyle records. David-E began to experiment with the Radio Shack mixer and the art of beat matching on the turntables. For about 2 months, David-E developed a top record bin of records to show Gabriel his interest for playing records in the dorms. Gabriel was impressed on his style of selection and began to teach David-E on beat matching, bars, and phrases. David-E instantly feel in love with the feel of vinyl being broadcasted and disturbing his neighbors. By Labor Day of 2000 David-E bought a set of turntables and called himself DJ Essay. He developed a passion for dance music under trance, house, techno, and drum and bass by attending local shows with Texas talent. The Austin dance music scene from 2000 to 2002 influenced DJ Essay to build 4 record crates of vinyl to DJ in Texas. These music crates are the foundation of his DJ career which he values with the mentorship of friends and memories. In 2002 DJ Essay moved back to California and incorporated his love for music on the mobile side as a disc jockey. Customers were requesting Top 40 so DJ Essay began to venture into new equipment and CDs to build a new passion towards dance music in general. The demand for a English and Spanish DJ in San Diego made DJ Essay develop his style into a English and Spanish DJ/MC. On the other hand, DJ Essay also spun at backyard parties with vinyl/CDs containing electronica music with his two friends Daniel and Paul Garzon. The three DJs created a trio of MCs and DJs to promote an underground scene. From 2002 to 2010 DJ Essay learned how to balance a wedding and club radio personality. Times were changing with music and technology. In 2011 DJ software and hardware began to emerge and DJ Essay went back to the drawing board in finding the passion of music creation by learning Virtual DJ, Serato, and Traktor. Under these 3 softwares DJ Essay found various controllers from beginner to advance to continue to spin formal and underground events. DJ Essays enjoys reading and being proactive in learning various platforms to deliver music to the dance floor and radio shows. As a way to re-invent himself DJ Essay changed his alias to David-E to make his persona more official with the 15 year anniversary of his hobby turned profession in 2015.more
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