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David Virgona's Podcast
By DJ David Virgona
Vocal House Melbourne 126 Followers   14 Episodes
His career as a DJ started over 20 years ago playing at the Under 18's discos in Geelong. Influenced by disco, and inspired by dance music of the 90’s, David increased the opportunity for clientele for his mobile business, Boogie Discos in Geelong, performing at private functions including engagements, weddings, birthdays and other celebratory life events, as well as corporate functions and school/college graduation functions. Regularly upgrading of his sound, lighting and mixing equipment ensures high quality professional audio & visual entertainment.

The start of the new millennium was the start of a new direction in David's DJ career. Sunday night retro sessions at the Trade Bar Melbourne in 2000 gave him the experience and confidence to, later that year, move on to a residency for Friday night performances at the Xchange Hotel, Melbourne. Then later came DJing at The GH Hotel St. Kilda. Retro gave way to commercial dance music, house, progressive house, and electro, and with it, a change from audio mixing to audio and video mixing.

The Carnival T-Dance of 2003 was to be his first major party gig. David treasures the experience as one of, if not, the highlight of his DJ career so far. He also described to me the adrenaline rush, or “buzz”, you get when you have 2000 plus people on a dance floor in front of you going off to the music, you, are playing, saying “it’s a high that’s almost, un-describable” and that first time, particularly, is an experience that he will carry with him throughout his life.

From his exposure at T-Dance came Winter Daze 2006 and 2007, Rogue 2008, and he was a willing voluntary participant in the Xchange Hotel Bushfire Benefit in 2009 that raised thousands of dollars for those affected by the Victorian bushfires on Black Saturday.
As well as donating DJ services for Good Friday Appeal Inverleigh for several years!
Now DJing for The Laird Hotel and for VicBearsinc nights. Guest DJ spots for Gossip Sundays at Love Machine and Friday nights at Fabuland upstairs at Mollies Bar.

His natural and professional expertise in being able to ‘read’ a crowded dance floor, and adjust his music to maintain the ‘vibe’ is uncanny. A rare attribute in such a competitive industry, and an obvious must for any successful DJ. His contempt for bad or careless mixing gives him the professional drive and passion to ensure his fans get as near perfect a performance he can give, every time he plays. Using a negative to create something so powerfully positive and uplifting can only be a good thing. He has the love, support and respect of his many fans and followers who love his audio/video style of mixing, the types of music he mixes, and the vibe he creates when playing at any venue.more
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