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CMA Voices
By CMA Voices
Education New York 9 Episodes

Welcome, my name is Angela. Here you will find stories from my life as an entertainer traveling to parts of the world, and running management and owning businesses of my own. I currently have many websites, shops and blogs online and will also offer Tips and Tutorials for creating a lifestyle online. Some of my shorts (episode clips) are likely promo clips where you can preview a tidbit of one of the products I sell. 

I have been a "Clotheshorse" of many colors. Now having entered my 8th decade of life, I have once again pivoted my adventures into the world of printables, as well as called back the publishing industry and my old learning and stomping ground in the PLR and Resale industry.

Mind you, I am no marketer, at least I don't consider myself one, but I have lived a long life, done tens of dozens of things, and been 1/3 around the world, but I am and always will be, an artist first! I hope you enjoy tidbits from some of my experiences and about creating and living an online business and social life.

Some of my online resources:

COLOR MY AGENDA  ~ Color My Agenda Website ~
Articles, Videos, How-To's & More ~

COLOR MY AGENDA  ~ Color My Agenda Shop ~
Planners, Journals, Coloring Books & More ~

THE PAGAN KNOT ~ The Pagan Knot Store ~
New Age & Spiritual Gifts! Hidden treasures awaits you! ~

THE BOUND LEAF ~ Directory of Books & Resources ~
Authors & Business Owners Submit Your Books & Websites ~

WHAT WOMEN CREATE ~ Spotlighting Women Creators ~
A Blog about everyday life, work, and business ~

CREATIVE FABRICA SHOP ~ Creative Fabrica ~
My market shop for commercial use graphics ~

DIGI SCRAP CAFE ~ Digi Scrap Cafe ~
Find links to almost all my digital projects & platforms ~

COLOR MY AGENDA FORUM ~ Color My Agenda Forums ~
Learn - Share - Course - Discussions - Community ~

SOJOURNSTAR ON MEDIUM ~ Sojournstar Media ~
My life, experiences and thoughts on a blank writing canvas!

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