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Shakedown Radio with Chris Caggs
By Chris Carragher
Pop 8 Followers   753 Episodes

The ShakeDown Radio Podcast features a unique blend of EDM, RnB, and Hip-Hop music, and is hosted by Australian radio king, Chris Carragher, popularly known as Chris Caggs. With over 25 years of experience on the radio, Chris is not a newbie in the music industry, so expect nothing but high-quality entertainment. 

Chris Caggs brings a fresh approach to radio podcasting with the ShakeDown Radio Podcast, which differentiates it from the crowd. He is also famous for dishing the coolest vibes and tunes on the radio and has been doing so since his radio hosting debut in the 90s, with his first show called, “Pump FM Bedroom Vibes,” on Pump FM 99.3 FM. 

Besides serving quality entertainment on the radio, Chris Caggs also doubles as an award-winning Radio DJ, who enjoys good music, and films, as well as socializing. He also loves travelling and has been to over 26 different countries, including New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Europe, Asia, and the United Kingdom.

With the Shakedown Radio Podcast having surpassed over a million downloads since 2009, it is evident that Chris is on a path to revolutionizing the Australian podcasting space with his unique approach, just as he has done to revolutionize the Australian broadcasting industry over the past 25 years.

Chris Caggs career includes working at some of Australia’s biggest radio stations where he gained a wealth of skills and experience in entertaining millions of fans across Australia. All of these make him the amazing entertainer that he is, which reflects in the tunes and vibes that he consistently dishes out on the ShakeDown Radio Podcast.

In the radio broadcasting space, Chris Caggs has been featured on popular radio stations such as:

● Melbourne's V1Radio - Dance/EDM
● Queensland 4Play FM – Dance/EDM
● Perth's Tune 1 Radio – House/EDM
● Sydney's Starter FM – House/EDM
● Sunshine Coast Queensland's Liquid Radio – House/EDM
● Brisbane's Urban Movement Radio – RnB/Hip-hop
● Sydney's MixxBosses Radio – Music/Talkback radio
● Melbourne's Str8OUT Radio – Dance
● Brisbane's Mix It Up Radio - RnB/Dance
● North Shore's 99.3 Pump FM – Dance/RnB
● Northside's 99.3 2NSB FM
● Burwood Sydney's 88.1 2RDJ-FM
● Sydney Inner Suburbs and CBD's 87.6 DJ FM Dance Radio
● Brisbane Metro Wide's 97.3 Groove FM
● Sydney Metro Wide's 94.5 and 96.9 Groove FM

Chris Caggs has also been featured in several magazines and other print media such as:

● Request Magazine
● Radio Info Newsletter
● The Place Magazine in North Queensland
● Player FM
● The Music Network
● Groove ON MEDIA
● Revolver Mag
● Three-D World Magazine Sydney
● Scene Magazine Brisbane
● The Queensland Independent
● North Shore Times

You can always tune in to the ShakeDown Radio Podcast from anywhere you are in the world, on the official website at You can also access the podcast on the popular podcast platform, Podomatic, as well as Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, iHeart Radio and many more.

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