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Shakedown Radio Podcast
By Chris Caggs Carragher
Progressive House Sydney 17 Followers   834 Episodes

Welcome to ShakeDown Radio Podcast, where great house music awaits you!

Let the music move you with the biggest, most energetic dance floor fillers and after-party anthems. Chris Caggs, the Australian DJ, music producer, and entertainer extraordinaire, brings his unique approach to the ShakeDown Radio Podcast, ensuring that you have access to the latest and greatest in house music, as well as some classic tunes that will get you moving. 

From hip hop to RnB and EDM, the show has it all.

Your search for the best house music podcast ends here. We believe nothing should get in the way of you and great house music, so tune in right away. As the beat drops and the bass thunders through your chest, you'll feel the electrifying energy of dance music coursing through your veins. Your body will move instinctively to the rhythm, lost in the euphoria of the moment.

The ultimate dance music experience is yours to claim. ShakeDown Radio Podcast is here to blow you away with some of the greatest hits in town.

The man behind the successful podcast goes by two names: Chris Carragher and Chris Caggs. 

Chris has been running the podcast since 2009, bringing his passion for music and entertainment to listeners around the world. But his journey in radio began long before that - in fact, Chris has been a fixture on Australian radio for over 25 years, starting in 1998.

This talented and versatile entertainer wears many hats in the world of music and broadcasting.  He's not just a man with a mic - Chris Caggs is a musical powerhouse. As a radio presenter, music programmer, and podcaster, he's the triple threat that will have you dancing in your seat.

Whether he's on the airwaves or behind the mic, Chris Caggs is a consummate professional who knows how to keep audiences engaged and entertained. His infectious energy and love for great music shine through in everything he does, making him a beloved figure in the Australian entertainment scene. So whether you're a fan of radio, podcasts, or just great music in general, 

Chris Caggs is the name to know. Catch him on the ShakeDownRadio Podcast to get your fix of incredible music on one of the best dance music podcasts out there.

● Radio Stations featuring Chris Caggs: Melbourne's V1Radio (Dance/EDM), Queensland 4Play FM (Dance/EDM), Perth's Tune 1 Radio (House/EDM), Sydney's Starter FM(House/EDM), Sunshine Coast Queensland's Liquid Radio(House/EDM), Brisbane's Urban Movement Radio (RnB/Hip-hop), Sydney's MixxBosses Radio (Music/Talkback radio), Melbourne's Str8OUT Radio (Dance), Brisbane's Mix It Up Radio (RnB/Dance), North Shore's 99.3 Pump FM (Dance/RnB), Northside's 99.3 2NSB FM, Burwood Sydney's 88.1 2RDJ-FM, Sydney Inner Suburbs and CBD's 87.6 DJ FM Dance Radio, Brisbane Metro Wide's 97.3 Groove FM, Sydney Metro Wide's 94.5 and 96.9 Groove FM.

● Magazines and Print Media featuring Chris Caggs: Request Magazine, Radio Info Newsletter, The Place Magazine in North Queensland, Player FM, The Music Network, Groove ON MEDIA, Revolver Mag, Three-D World Magazine Sydney, Scene Magazine Brisbane, The Queensland Independent, North Shore Times

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