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White-Collar Defense: The FBI Has Targeted You - Now What Do You Do?
By Dr. Marc J Blatstein
Training Washington DC 1 Followers   188 Episodes
Federal Sentencing Expertise

Medical Care | Sentence Mitigation | Reentry Planning | *Personal Narrative | *Presentence Interview Preparation | RDAP | Security Level | Medication Availability | PPRS Prison Match™ – BOP Placement Options

 I have been in practice for 30+ years (and yes, my license has been fully restored), and along with my experience in the BOP following a White-Collar Conviction, I've chosen to use my skills to assist those who, like me, now find themselves going through this life-altering event.

Should you find yourself an FBI Target, time is something we don't have as the feds have a 98% conviction rate. Regarding your case - it's likely their investigation is finished.

For you, the time is now to find an attorney and learn the steps you need to take to prepare yourself. From me, the internet or referrals, search and interview, make a choice and plan. I can give you this advice because NO ONE WAS THERE TO GIVE ME MINE.

First: the attorney: decide, Trial or Plea.
Second: If you're Guilty, you only have 90 days (usually) until the sentencing hearing, and a lot you need to prepare for:

  • The  Presentence Interview 
    • You have a lot of documents to get copies of
    • character reference letters (~7)
      • They should know you (or be a current or former employer) and be aware of your legal charges
      • regarding community service things or events that you have helped them with
    • Your "Personal Narrative" (Most CRITICAL), to include in your Presentence Interview (also CRITICAL), or unfortunately you were sentenced without any preparation (or are already inside) - we can work with that too. 

  • Why is your Interview Critical? 
    • Because with it, the Probation Officer drafts the Presentence Report which all stakeholders use to control your future. 
    • These parties are The Judge, the BOP, your case manager, the counselor, and other BOP staff.
    • Then It affects how quickly you reach the halfway house and home confinement. It is the Gift That Keeps On Giving.

I appreciate you taking the time to listen
You can email me
Call: 240.888.7778
If I do not pick up, please leave a message with your number as I personally answer and return all of my own calls.

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