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95 North Podcast
By 95 North Productions
Music 53 Followers   21 Episodes
My podcast contains mixes of a variety of music i.e. not every mix is a house mix. Those of you who've known me for years though know that I love and play all kinds of dance music.

I started the "Y'all Want This Party Started, Right???" series of mixes about 8 years ago at the request of a friend who wanted some old school mixes for a New Years Eve party. I've slowly added to the series over the years and they're now available here.

Music-wise, there's something here for everyone. If you want old school club and house music, head straight to "Y'all Want This Party Started, Right??? Vol. 4." Looking for 80's and 90's hip-hop with a few hip-hop jams from the 2000s? Check out "Y'all Want This Party Started, Right??? Vol. 5." Like Planet Rock/electro type beats? Check out "Y'all Want This Party Started, Right??? Vol. 3." I even broke down and did a mix of current hip-hop/R&B music ("Y'all Want This Party Started, Right??? Vol. 6") for those of you into that type of stuff. :-)

A few disclaimers:

1. For "Y'all Want This Party Started, Right??? Vol. 1," I straight jacked four songs ("More Bounce To The Ounce," "Funky Sensation," "Cutie Pie," and part of "Dazz") from a Tom Joyner Morning Show Old School Mix CD as mixed by Steve "Silk" Hurley. Hey, I made this mix 8 years ago before the advent of iTunes, didn't have easy access to those particular songs at the time I did the mix, and didn't intend to release this one to anyone but family and friends! :-) So sue me. Everything else is me.

2. The "new school" hip-hop mix ("Y'all Want This Party Started, Right??? Vol. 6" ) is a totally digitally edited mix. I haven't quite joined the 21st century in terms of DJing (yes, I still use vinyl), so I didn't have much of a choice since all of the songs were digital downloads.

3. If you're looking for underground house music, stick with Episode 12 of my Cyberjamz show, my live mix from Red in Washington, D.C., and my newest Podcast, "Red On My Mind, Vol. 1." The other mixes are probably not for you.

4. Most these mixes are of OLD SCHOOL music because...well, I'm old (and so are most of my friends)!

5. Finally, there are no frills here. No crazy effects or lots of scratching. The mixes are designed to showcase the music.

I'll be adding mixes over time and, yes, I'll be adding some house mixes that include new music.

Check back in every now and then. :-)more
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