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As we are all practicing “social distancing”, maybe these podcasts can help us feel not so alone.

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In this strange new world we now find ourselves living in, uncertainty seems to be the theme of every day. What will be shut down today? Will I have my job tomorrow? Will there be food at my grocery store?

How long is this going to last? It’s scary not knowing what’s going to happen or if there will be help for us if we need it.

All over the world, we are feeling the effects of not only a pandemic, but the isolation it has caused. Going stir-crazy, watching the news all day, not hearing real stories from real people or being able to share your own experiences can become maddening extremely quickly.

Podcasting is a tool fortunate enough to not only be able to give you a voice and platform but reach; the ability to communicate to hundreds of millions of people.

In times of global emergency, it’s so important to stay in communication. Giving updates, observations, and information of any kind really be helpful in supporting each other and can even save lives.

That’s why we are offering FREE Pro accounts to everyone that’s willing to share their stories about living with and surviving COVID.

We want to hear your story and so do millions of other people around the world who are coping with this virus and our new style of living.

What people need to know:
What are conditions like in your area?
What precautions have you taken/seen taken?
Advice on how/where to get tested?
Updates on store/event closures in your area?
How to stay positive and help others?

Your story!

Through our system, you can submit to our partners for free to maximize your update reach.

Existing Podomatic users are encouraged to go through the same steps and create a NEW account to take advantage of the Free Pro Account for COVID Updates offer.