In 2004, podcasting came about to enable independent content producers to create and distribute their art freely without restriction. Anyone could add their voice to this new medium. As an independent producer, you have the right to own, sell, distribute and monetize your content in any way you choose. That’s the point of podcasting. Since 2005, Podomatic has been committed to protecting and ensuring your rights and freedom as an independent content creator. Our job is to empower you as a podcaster, not exploit you.


You Own Your Content

Anything you upload to Podomatic, or record using our service, is owned by you. Only YOU are allowed to use, edit, modify, aggregate, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, perform, and otherwise fully exploit your content.

Without your consent, we will not:

  • Sell your content
  • Distribute your content
  • Monetize your content
  • Exploit your content

Right to control your RSS feed

We will not manipulate your RSS feed to take over ownership by replacing your email with ours. This means that you have control over your RSS feed, including the ability of your audience and/or directories to contact you directly. This ensures the rightful ownership of your RSS feed and that any inquiry, offer, or money directed at your show, is seen and heard first and only, by you. This also ensures your ability to redirect your RSS feed.


Right to Ownership and Privacy

We will not use your content, or the access to your content, to sell subscriptions to our service. We do not charge people to listen to your content, that’s not our business. We will not sell your private data to any third-party. We will not use cookies to sell your data to advertisers.


Right to be an Independent Producer

Podomatic will never unify podcasters under one RSS feed; taking away ownership of your account without your approval.

Doing so would restrict your ability to:

  • Monetize your own content
  • Have complete creative control (ie. unauthorized ads on/in your content)
  • Your ability to have your audience directly contact you, should you grant the option

Right to Monetize Freely

Podomatic protects your right to monetize your content in any way you see fit. Advertisers, Ad Length, Ad content, Ad counting, Ad placement, charge per Ad and Sponsorships, are all things you own and control totally. **


Freedom of Religion, Speech, and the Press

Podomatic will never censor, delete or deactivate content due to its expression of religious beliefs, political views, or artistic personal expression. **


Right to Open Distribution

Podomatic will never limit your show’s access to directories for any reason. You have the right to distribute your show to anyone and anywhere, for any reason.


As a podcaster, it is your responsibility to be sure that you are not trading your ownership and rights, for what seems like a free service.

Podomatic believes these points to be the universal rights of all podcasters, no matter their platform or host. It’s what makes podcasting great!

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