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How do I submit my podcast to Spotify?
To submit your podcast onto Spotify’s network, your show must:

1. Be a talk podcast (no music submissions allowed).

2. Have at least 1 episode published.

3. Your latest episode must’ve been published less than a month ago.

4. Mark your content as Explicit if needed. Click here.

5. Make sure that your podcast includes the following:

a. A cover art photo - Your image must be a 1:1 ratio, high quality (1000px) no explicit graphics, and keep it the design clean (no cluttered images or lots of text)

b. Title - Keep it short and relevant to your show. No funky characters: &,%,$ etc.

c. Description - Ideally keep it 2 to 3 sentences long. Make sure your description explains what your show is about. Include good keywords that may make your show easy to find. Oh! And no funky characters: &,%,$ etc.

d. Category - Make sure your podcast is categorized correctly.

The technical details:
Your audio format must be a good quality MP3 (quality higher than 96kbps for the technically savvy). Don’t go crazy on your file size, keep it light (under 200MB) and under 2 hours if possible.

Please note: The submittal process may take a while. It is not guaranteed that your podcast will be approved - we will be contacting you if your feed is approved. Spotify reserves the right to accept or reject any podcast for any reason and at any time.
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