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How do I submit my podcast to Spotify?
To submit your podcast onto Spotify’s network, your show must:

1. Have at least 1 episode published.

2. Your latest episode must’ve been published less than a month ago.

3. Mark your content as Explicit if needed. Click here (under the iTunes Settings section).

4. Make sure that your podcast includes the following:

a. A cover art photo - Your image must be a 1:1 ratio, high quality (1000px) no explicit graphics, and keep it the design clean (no cluttered images or lots of text)

b. Title - Keep it short and relevant to your show. No funky characters: &,%,$ etc.

c. Description - Ideally keep it 2 to 3 sentences long. Make sure your description explains what your show is about. Include good keywords that may make your show easy to find. Oh! And no funky characters: &,%,$ etc.

d. Category - Make sure your podcast is categorized correctly.

The technical details:
Your audio format must be a good quality MP3 (quality higher than 96kbps for the technically savvy). Don’t go crazy on your file size, keep it light (under 200MB) and under 2 hours if possible.

After you submit under the Directories tab in your Podcast Settings page, your podcast should be available in the Spotify directory in less than 24 hours if your podcast has been approved.
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