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How do I create a Free Merch Store?

What For? Apparel | Create your own Free, Branded Merch Store for Your Podcast! 

WhatFor? Apparel’s Print-On-Demand Solution means you don’t ever worry about printing, shipping, managing inventory, or paying for anything. 

Simply Create Your Merch Store, Fill it with your products, Tell folks about it and Collect 100% of Your Profits! 


  1. Create an account and Merch Store on WhatFor? Apparel

  2. Paste your Merch Store URL in the Monetization Tab

  3. Fill your merch store with your branded products

  4. Promote and Share on your Podcast and Social Media

  5. Collect your money! 

Once you enter your link, we'll activate the Shop buttons on your podcast and episode pages.