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Creating a Weebly account through Podomatic

Setting up your email and domain

Once you're on your Weebly settings page on Podomatic, you'll want to create your account by entering in your email address and selecting your Weebly URL. The email you choose cannot be linked to an existing Weebly account, and once you choose the username for your URL, the URL will be in the format of "". You are also welcome to use an existing domain that you own.

If you need to change either your URL or your email down the road, please contact our support team and we'll help you out.

Choosing a template

Podomatic provides four exclusive templates with features designed with podcasters in mind.

You can click on the "Learn More" option next to each of the four templates to learn more specifics regarding that template and to see if the feature-set is right for your podcast. 
Clicking on the "Preview" option will provide you with a live demo of what the template looks like in action.

Once you find a theme that you like, you can hover over it and select "Choose Theme". You'll then be taken to a page to confirm your email, domain, and template selections. Click "Create Weebly Site" to confirm.

After clicking confirm, the Weebly editor will launch. You'll notice a Weebly Theme Setup guide pop-up that provides step-by-step directions on setting up your Weebly site. Read each step and continue through the guide by clicking on the "Next" option at the bottom right.

Going through the guide will better help you understand the ins and outs of the Weebly editor, and will ultimately give you a better looking site.