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Amazon Music Promotional Placement

Add Your Podcast to Amazon Music for a Chance to Be Featured

Starting August 18th, 10 Podomatic Podcasts will be featured in Amazon Music's Comedy collection!

See your podcast next to comedy podcasting giants like Conan O'Brien, Bill Burr, The Always Sunny Podcast, and More!

Amazon will provide all Featured Placement Winners with Social Cards to share on all of your social media platforms. Social cards will take your fans directly to your podcast on Amazon Music while easily letting your new fans find and subscribe. 

To Qualify for Featured Placement, your podcast must; 
  • Be in the "Comedy" category
  • Have submitted to Amazon Music
  • Be active, current, and publishing new episodes
  • Be hosted by Podomatic 

Submit your podcast by 8/8/22 to be considered for
Featured Placement on Amazon Music!