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About Weebly

About Weebly


Want to sell podcast merch for your listeners? Weebly allows you to list out your product and separate your products into categories.

Click here for more information on E-Commerce.


The blogging feature on Weebly is a great way to share your thoughts with each episode you release or for extended show notes to share with your listeners. If you have any exciting news or stories, this is a great place to share it. Write until your heart's content!


Weebly is great for giving your podcast brand an SEO boost. To tweak the SEO of your site, click on "Settings" at the top of the Weebly Editor, and then "SEO" on the left-side menu.

You'll have the option to enter in a site description, meta keywords, footer code, and header code. You'll also have the option to input 301 redirects.

For more information on Weebly's SEO feature, click here.

Code-Free Web Design

Weebly uses a drag-and-drop system to add and edit elements on your website. Anything from videos, embedded elements, photos, and of course, your Podomatic podcast apps can be easily added and customized by you without ever needing to learn any code.

For more information on Weebly's Drag-and-drop editor, click here.

Responsive Websites

Your Podomatic themes, as well as any theme in Weebly's library, adjust smartly to any screen. From your large desktop monitor to your itty bitty smartphone.

For more information on Weebly's Responsive Themes, click here