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About Podomatic Apps in Weebly

Podomatic created four customizable apps that you can drag-and-drop onto your Weebly website from your Weebly editor. These apps were designed to pull together full integration between your Podomatic podcast and your Weebly site.

Below are descriptions of the four Podomatic apps that you can include within your Weebly site:

App Menu window Weebly | Podomatic app The Podomatic Info app will display your podcast's genre, city, episode count, and followers data to your website viewers. Once you enter in your Podomatic ID information, which you can copy from the Weebly tutorial pop-up, this data will automatically be generated onto your page. 

Grid Mode app Weebly | Podomatic app Grid mode is a great way to highlight your latest episode, and showcase the rest of your episodes. Each of your episodes' titles and artwork will be displayed. The grid option is responsive as well, so your listeners can click play on any one episode to display the episode front and center along with all relevant info.

List Mode app Weebly | Podomatic app If you're looking to list your podcast in a sleek vertical design, you might want to go with List mode. This mode lists your most recently published episode first, followed by the rest of your podcasts in chronological order. Your listeners can click on any of your episodes to bring it to the top to start playing.

Podomatic Latest app Weebly | Podomatic app If you'd only like to display your latest episode, check out the Podomatic Latest app. This will only display the most recently published episode. This is a great option if you're looking to highlight only the most recent episodes from your podcast at any given time.

Podomatic Info app
Weebly | Podomatic app To display any of the widget apps on your Weebly site, click on either of the widget options from the top left and drag it to the desired location on your Weebly page. You aren't just limited to just your home page, either. You can embed the widget on any section of your site, such as blog, store, etc.