What does Podomatic do to protect my security?

A lot! We at Podomatic take the security of your personal information very seriously. For that reason we have adopted standards which exceed those of many sites.

  • Podomatic uses high-grade, 2048-bit RSA encryption.
    All communication of sensitive information between our computers and your browser is encrypted.
  • Podomatic does not store your financial information.
    That's right, even if someone were to break into one of our systems, all they would find is a bunch of media files. Your information is stored either at PayPal or at CyberSource (our credit card payment gateway). Communications between those places and Podomatic are encrypted, verified, and logged.
  • Podomatic employees cannot access your password.
    Non-financial sensitive information, such as your password, is stored encrypted in our database.
  • In every one of our products, we have considered your privacy and security first.
    If you believe we have overlooked something, please let us know!

Thank you for using Podomatic!

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