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Rádio Vila Morena Não há machado que corte...
PLAY pt's podcast
Um podcast sobre as últimas e penúltimas do podcasting nacional e internacional. Apresentado por David Rodrigues e Duarte Velez Grilo, com a participação de quem aparecer por cá.
We met in a monopoly game room. I told her I was from Portugal, she said, "Oh, from Spain".... I said F--- Spain. We both laughed. Stars in the sky, Fireflys in the night along with the sharing of hearts has kept this going on for over four years. We believe "Our New Day" will come soon. God help us!!!! We know not what we ask for........HA
PLAY Correspondance Scolaire - Belgique/Portugal
Avec ce Podcast les élèves qui participent au Projet de la Correspondance Scolaire entre la Belgique et le Portugal vont pouvoir avoir un espace de dialogue entre eux. Pour chanter, parler, rire, apprendre et s'amuser!
PLAY endrominus
Endrominus: para ouvir e ler por aí:

Page 1  More Results (242)

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