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First podcast by 2 d.j's; a mash up of great music and opinionated chat. Warning: contains some swearing! The music played ranges from pop to jazz to dub to folk to comedy and also original music by 2BC and Sleazy and Cheesy.Tune in!!
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Sleazy and Cheesy present the unusual mix of scatty repartee and banging tunes. Sleazy gets a surprise visit from the oldest Twitterer in Hove and Cheesy vents him spleen! With apologies to Dame Vera Lynne. All is revealed within...
PLAY Cheesy and Sleazy's Third Podcast
Another hour (and twenty minutes) of tunes,scatology, a surprise guest and so much more (or less) from your favourite DJ's Cheesy and Sleazy. The usual unusual musical gumbo interspersed with chit and chat about this....and that.
A specially extended Christmas podcast from your favourite funsters Sleazy and Cheesie featuring our regular hot mix of funky eclectica, scatolgical chat and extreme opinions on life's peccadillos. Plus some senior moments and the usual surprise special guests. Happy Christmas to both our listeners!
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The unusual cornucopia that is a Cheesy and Sleazy podcast. Yes folks, a ripping mix of bangin' tunes, scatology, unusual viewpoints, words from our caring sharing get your arses into gear and wrap your **ckin' lugholes around this load of exploseajollity!
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Yes just what you were all waiting for, another bangin' podcast from Cheesy and Sleazy! Occasionally up to the minute music and always very groovy combined with a smeary sauce of witty banter and sly badinage - all the ingredients you could possibly need for the next hour (and a half) of listening to this while doing something cooking maybe...we even have a delicious recipe from our celebrity Italian chefs.
PLAY Cheesy and Sleazy's Christmas Podcast 2011
A beautifully marbled roulade of a Festive Fun dish served up for your pleasure by Cheesy and Sleazy, those wacky, wibbly, wobbly DJ's known the World over, well, bits of it. A smorgasbord of aural adventure and oral misadventure mixed together to form a Christmas gumbo of mirth and music....just for you!
PLAY Cheesy and Sleazy's Podcast 8
A soupçon of aural soup garnished by your old favourites Sleazy and Cheesy but this time with extra sauce! This particular sonic stew contains the following ingredients; rock, pop, psychedelia, 2BC, adverts, rants, senior moments and various regrettable episodes of racial stereotyping for which we apologise profusely....Oh and the swearing. So please enjoy our specially extended pod hour...and a half. Love, Sleazy and Cheesyxxxxxxx
PLAY Sleazy and Cheesy's Jubilee Podcast
A celebration of our glorious Queen's Jubilee with your hosts Sleazy and Cheesy delivered in their imitable style. Featuring songs specially composed to celebrate the soggy occasion by our peculiar fans. Some of the content could prove detrimental to the health and blood pressure of Royalists, small children and and those of pathetic persuasions. With fanfares of genuflection from your humble minions, Sleazy and Cheesy
PLAY Sleazy and Cheesy's Olympic Podcast
This latest podcast was recorded 2 days before the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games when Sleazy and Cheesy were still sceptical about the whole shebang until the wonderful, glorious, fabulously weird opening ceremony and then Team GB's triumph in winning so many medals since when Cheesy has had an epiphany and fallen in love with everything and everyone. Bollocks!!! says Sleazy who is still wary of the gushing nationalism that the Games have engendered. Great news for the medal winners, for ...

Page 1  More Results (15)

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