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Angry, sad, and nasty confessions from an otherwise entirely pleasant and agreeable fellow. Email: [email protected]
PLAY Caipirinha Appreciation Society - brazil beyond cliches
The Caipirinha Appreciation Society podcast offers its audience two hours of wonderful under-exposed Brazilian music of all styles, regions and time-periods, from vintage sambas to modern blends.O podcast do Caipirinha Appreciation Society oferece à sua audiência internacional duas horas de música brasileira pouco explorada pela mídia, de todos os estilos, regiões e períodos, de sambas clássicos a misturas modernas.MdC Suingue (Portuguese for "Swing") founded the Caipirinha Appreciation Society in 2004....
PLAY Cours de Français / CHANSONS I
Ce blogue a été crée à l'intention de rendre la culture francophone plus proche et accessible à mes étudiants, à travers la lecture et la musique. Mais tout le monde y est le bienvenu, et j'accepterai bien tous les commentaires qui servent à améliorer cet espace. ...
PLAY WebKittyn the PodKittyn
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KEWL TECH-TALK, KEWLTUNES 4YA -KEWL WEBSITES, KEWL DOWNLOADS we're bustin it out with kickass music!! kewl gadgets, online video gamming and related stuff along with a recruiting segment for our NEW SPORTS LEAGUE:A.P.O.G. (the airsoft,paintball & online gaming association) where we COMBINE all 3 sports to have a blast literally and MAKE M-O-N-E-Y while we do it!! home of "TEAM HKK" the founders of this new league HARDKORE KILLERS INKORPORATED--(the lords of w-a-r! we live by our name...they d-i-e by it!!...
PLAY ChilePodcast
Chilepodcast ... El Primer Podcast Educativo de Chile Estimados amigos, los invito a escuchar el Primer Podcast Educativo de Chile: Como antiguo diexista o radioescucha, que ha cambiado la Escucha de Radios Internacionales de Onda Corta (Diexismo) por la Internet, tengo el agrado de comunicarles que desde el 17 de Mayo de 2005, Día Internacional de Las Comunicaciones y Día de la Fundación de San Fernando, se puede bajar y escuchar el Primer Podcast Educativo producido y transmitido desde San Fernando...
PLAY P.O.V. with David W. Torrence
P.O.V. with David Torrence is a weekly (or so) podcast exploring themes of...ummm...err..lots of things. Whatever's damn well on my mind that week! Prepare to simply have an interesting ride. Best viewed (and hopefully HEARD) on Firefox browsers!
PLAY The P-Track Podcast
New songs from DaX alongside songs from "CD-0" and "Going Nowhere".

Page 2  More Results (5175)

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