Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on April 28, 2012.

Rank  Change  Title
215 Small_arrow_up607 Wez Champion's Podcast
360 Small_arrow_up518 Craig Dalzell's Podcast
96 Small_arrow_up443 FluffMix
371 Small_arrow_up420 SHUN TYGER Presents SHUNFUL on www.Smoothtraxx...
367 Small_arrow_up382 Cosmic Journey with DJ Jen Blaze
432 Small_arrow_up369 Jazzism (a katzpheno mix)
406 Small_arrow_up367 DubaiEye's Nightline Podcast with Dr. James Pie...
460 Small_arrow_up363 Dj Paul De Leon
356 Small_arrow_up335 Uber-Jugding Breakfast Podcast
76 Small_arrow_up304 Anane Vega's Podcast
454 Small_arrow_up284 The Big Rock Show
485 Small_arrow_up279 Andrew Banner - Tech House - Minimal Tech
153 Small_arrow_up267 LEGALiZE HiT !
361 Small_arrow_up267 Sapphire's Earplay(Erotic City Radio)
463 Small_arrow_up253 Mr Stoj
388 Small_arrow_up250 Alonzo Horning's Podcast
487 Small_arrow_up246 Funky Vocal House Mixes
404 Small_arrow_up243 DJ Michael Hades Underworld
496 Small_arrow_up238 The DanNation Cast
119 Small_arrow_up236 Robert Ferguson's Diet Free Life Radio
186 Small_arrow_up236 D-Jay NYC
457 Small_arrow_up228 Kerol Garcia
333 Small_arrow_up212 Funky Blackman Soulful House Sessions!!!
265 Small_arrow_up207 DaUnknownAdmin's Podcast
329 Small_arrow_up205 Natural Rhythm Podcast Series
47 Small_arrow_up204 Music by Marina
126 Small_arrow_up189 SlimCast
216 Small_arrow_up182 B-Liv (House Music)
281 Small_arrow_up182 Creatures Of The Net
296 Small_arrow_up179 SHUN TYGER Presents Tropikalism
445 Small_arrow_up165 annex's Tribal House Podcast
392 Small_arrow_up161 DIRTY DAN's PODCAST
393 Small_arrow_up157 Soul Discovery Radio Shows on Podcast
380 Small_arrow_up156 Coffee With Queens
179 Small_arrow_up155 Dj Edgar Velazquez's Podcast
241 Small_arrow_up154 Timothy's Deep & Soulful House Music
381 Small_arrow_up139 DJ PHIL ROMANO
259 Small_arrow_up132 Moments of Grace
251 Small_arrow_up125 El Grito de la Salsa
21 Small_arrow_up124 The Art of Mixing
439 Small_arrow_up121 DARK AND LOVELY: Deep, Soulful House Music
201 Small_arrow_up120 Division 4 presents Transonic Sounds
446 Small_arrow_up120 Go Hard for Christ Podcast
184 Small_arrow_up119 @dennisblaze DENNIS BLAZE
342 Small_arrow_up116 Smooth Jazz Vibe Mixes
464 Small_arrow_up116 Watchmen Radio podcast
156 Small_arrow_up113 StanZeff's podcast
348 Small_arrow_up113 Eleven Dubcast

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