Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on September 29, 2014.

Rank  Change  Title
431 Small_arrow_up949 Stevie G's podcast
459 Small_arrow_up430 Ask Patricia Show
436 Small_arrow_up351 CewshCast 5000(Working Title)
357 Small_arrow_up333 FOSTER the Podcast
387 Small_arrow_up323 YO MAMA'S HOUSE PODCAST
346 Small_arrow_up278 3B RADIO
440 Small_arrow_up276 Metanol, en speedwaypodd
233 Small_arrow_up267 DJ Intheorious' Mixes
244 Small_arrow_up266 Manila Club Radio - DJ Mixes
375 Small_arrow_up264 Craig Dalzell's Podcast
381 Small_arrow_up262 Bandyportföljen: The Podcast
231 Small_arrow_up261 Soulful Horizons by Zaid Abdulrahim
497 Small_arrow_up255 Fextora
271 Small_arrow_up241 ScrapGals Podcast
369 Small_arrow_up241 Kildare Today's Podcast
408 Small_arrow_up234 DJ CHRIS LEWIS - DANCE EVOLUTION
438 Small_arrow_up230 Team New Life New Me
490 Small_arrow_up230 Heather Gray's Interviews on WRFG-Atlanta's Jus...
430 Small_arrow_up229 The drop
445 Small_arrow_up220 Funky Vocal House Sessions
492 Small_arrow_up220 Beane's Noodle Hotpot
496 Small_arrow_up219 Chiswick Christian Centre
377 Small_arrow_up208 The Boxing Coalition
484 Small_arrow_up208 The Creative Writer's Toolbelt
446 Small_arrow_up205 WildSeed Music (NYC, ATL, South Africa)
311 Small_arrow_up202 DJ Dee Martello (Twisted Dee)
491 Small_arrow_up196 Pure Sex Radio
367 Small_arrow_up192 La Escuela de Inversion.com
366 Small_arrow_up191 Liberty Conspiracy Audios
397 Small_arrow_up186 LEBEN in Fülle, Freude, Faszination ...
460 Small_arrow_up177 Flyin MMA Opinions & News
395 Small_arrow_up175 WTFU Radio's Podcast
60 Small_arrow_up166 DJ Ern's Mixshop
400 Small_arrow_up166 TechNation Radio Podcast
343 Small_arrow_up165 REGGAEBOYZ SOUND
205 Small_arrow_up164 Ben Pakulski Podcast | Muscle Expert Interviews...
329 Small_arrow_up162 DJ Rolemodel Mixes
454 Small_arrow_up162 Josh Chen's Podcast
358 Small_arrow_up157 DJ KISS' Podcast
359 Small_arrow_up157 Los 39 Sonidos Podcast
469 Small_arrow_up157 The Flavor Zone with DJ Justice on WHCR 90.3 FM
394 Small_arrow_up155 Houston Sports Talk
486 Small_arrow_up154 Sdudla Se Afrika Tha Podcast
388 Small_arrow_up153 Matt Effect
127 Small_arrow_up151 Dj @leeYoon
457 Small_arrow_up151 Pacific Street Blues & Americana
220 Small_arrow_up150 Tipp FM Radio's Podcast
427 Small_arrow_up145 djconnor mixes
295 Small_arrow_up141 Mark Merry's SoulSermonMixUp

55x55_6983306 PLAY Underground Soul XVII
Podcast: Debbie Graham's Podcast
From: Debbie Graham
Duration: 62 min. 14 sec.
55x55_9325143 PLAY POWER 030 with John Gibbons - 2...
Podcast: POWER with John Gibbons
From: John Gibbons
Duration: 122 min. 4 sec.

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