Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on September 16, 2014.

Rank  Change  Title
267 Small_arrow_up627 HelloWorld XtremeFit Podcast
499 Small_arrow_up509 2 Men and The Mouse: A Walt Disney World Podcast
310 Small_arrow_up428 Cabin Academy with Milly Bennitt
231 Small_arrow_up407 Big Daddy...Live From The Man Cave
363 Small_arrow_up395 Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Pratt City
199 Small_arrow_up361 Team Success
457 Small_arrow_up332 DJ Dean E G's Podcast
468 Small_arrow_up328 EZ10 90 Day Game Plan Podcast
445 Small_arrow_up325 dj levi chin Podcast
314 Small_arrow_up302 Zappacast - The Frank Zappa Podcast
414 Small_arrow_up294 Roots Redemption's Podcast
435 Small_arrow_up282 vocal001's Podcast
487 Small_arrow_up282 Funky Vocal House Mixes
340 Small_arrow_up263 Doug Jackson's
485 Small_arrow_up262 The Flavor Zone with DJ Justice on WHCR 90.3 FM
235 Small_arrow_up248 Rockabilly Roadhouse's Podcast
367 Small_arrow_up237 RC Hangar time
413 Small_arrow_up236 Chicago Bears Review
346 Small_arrow_up234 Lee Coombs Podcast
398 Small_arrow_up231 BEAT 102-103's Podcast
293 Small_arrow_up219 UK Scriptwriters
342 Small_arrow_up217 La Cloaca Internacional (Oficial)
358 Small_arrow_up216 Fifty-Four Forty Or Fight Radio!
379 Small_arrow_up215 British Accent Podcasts
386 Small_arrow_up215 The Boxing Coalition
434 Small_arrow_up198 DJ BASSBOY
489 Small_arrow_up197 Service Advisor Memes' Podcast
296 Small_arrow_up196 Kfm Sport's Podcast
354 Small_arrow_up196 Flintoff and Holcroft's Podcast
351 Small_arrow_up194 Donna Edwards presents Shades of Dance
256 Small_arrow_up184 Less Conversation's Podcast
279 Small_arrow_up181 Straight Shoot
419 Small_arrow_up180 Filters Podcast
257 Small_arrow_up178 Commercial Real Estate Show Podcasts
297 Small_arrow_up178 DJ kärl k-otik: Chaos In The Stratosphere Podcast
295 Small_arrow_up177 How is This Movie?
469 Small_arrow_up165 El Estudio Verde y Oro
335 Small_arrow_up160 DJ A.k.Steppa - House, Deephouse & UKG
422 Small_arrow_up160 José Rubens' podcast
385 Small_arrow_up159 DJ Mister's Podcast
260 Small_arrow_up158 A REVOLTA do Vinyl | Podcast
410 Small_arrow_up155 Le Tabernacle Montpellier - Audio
299 Small_arrow_up154 Sorry Grandma! Podcast
470 Small_arrow_up154 JamJam Afrobeats Show
423 Small_arrow_up153 MonDak OilField ReView Podcast
474 Small_arrow_up153 NEW URBAN MUSIC PODCASTS
201 Small_arrow_up151 BROWcast
482 Small_arrow_up151 Cours de Français / CHANSONS I
145 Small_arrow_up149 Jay Dabhi: Dabhi's Dancefloor

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