Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on April 14, 2012.

Rank  Change  Title
320 Small_arrow_up510 Marc Wilkie - The House Music Podcast
348 Small_arrow_up480 Alain's Picks (Deep, Tech, Minimal and Techno)
394 Small_arrow_up365 DJ Row Presents Trancegressive Vibes Podcast
486 Small_arrow_up345 Sex, Games & BS w/ The Player Hater
411 Small_arrow_up324 E-Music Podcast with Dru West
471 Small_arrow_up319 BDJ's Cellar Full of Remixes
330 Small_arrow_up292 DJ Mr Jay's Podcast
481 Small_arrow_up283 Kitty Cat Cast
428 Small_arrow_up277 DJ Soulstar's Podcasts (Baltimore-DC USA)
359 Small_arrow_up262 The Mixologist DJ Se7en's Podcast
338 Small_arrow_up258 Living the RV Dream
424 Small_arrow_up252 REGGAETON PODCAST - DJ DON MIGI
179 Small_arrow_up244 DJ Shane V
390 Small_arrow_up238 HotMix Club Podcast
478 Small_arrow_up237 bernie connor presents 'the sound of music'
201 Small_arrow_up224 Scot Project's SCOTCAST
418 Small_arrow_up218 The Faeries and Angels Radio Network ™
214 Small_arrow_up212 Serenity Soul
442 Small_arrow_up205 DJ ACraig Podcasts
497 Small_arrow_up201 WHO IS MIKE BUGOUT?
310 Small_arrow_up200 DaUnknownAdmin's Podcast
399 Small_arrow_up198 Talking Rugby Podcast
247 Small_arrow_up193 House Music!!!!!
426 Small_arrow_up190 Mark Kerr's Blues Nation Show
311 Small_arrow_up180 SK-2 mixes & Inferno Sessions archive radio shows
216 Small_arrow_up179 Zepherin Saint podcast
425 Small_arrow_up179 DJ Colin Gaff
488 Small_arrow_up177 DJ GSP's podcast
473 Small_arrow_up176 A Night at Pleasuredome with Neil Lewis
415 Small_arrow_up172 DJ LORi Podcast
345 Small_arrow_up170 DJRB OFFICIAL - Live DJ SETS from NYC, Miami, ...
373 Small_arrow_up169 DJ X-Dream's Dance Nation
278 Small_arrow_up159 B.P.M. Session Podcast
485 Small_arrow_up157 Marciano presents The Rising Soul Sessions
366 Small_arrow_up155 Homesexual's Podcast
479 Small_arrow_up152 DRUMATIKA by Pablo Ceballos
356 Small_arrow_up151 The Velvethead Lounge ::: deep and funky house
293 Small_arrow_up146 [MUSIC AND WINE Radio]
494 Small_arrow_up145 Headdock`s Podcast
335 Small_arrow_up144 Deepshizzol's Podcast
265 Small_arrow_up137 Black Night Meditations - Underground Metal Rad...
287 Small_arrow_up137 The Soulful House Chart
283 Small_arrow_up136 The London Underground House Music Show
484 Small_arrow_up136 Deep Space Podcast has moved to www.deepspacepo...
57 Small_arrow_up133 Cosmic Journey with DJ Jen Blaze
261 Small_arrow_up131 House {} Electro {} Dirty Dutch {} Fidget ~ DJ ...
303 Small_arrow_up128 Dj Bertrum's Music Mondays

55x55_9465343 PLAY Understanding Spirit, Host Alan ...
Podcast: Alan Cox's Podcast
From: Alan Cox
Duration: 115 min. 31 sec.
55x55_3279241 PLAY Progressive Motions 044
Podcast: Daniel Kasten Podcasts
From: Daniel Kasten
Duration: 90 min. 36 sec.

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