Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on July 07, 2013.

Rank  Change  Title
408 Small_arrow_up725 Susan O'Marra's Podcasts
469 Small_arrow_up467 UK Scriptwriters
234 Small_arrow_up424 Qeen Bee's DEEP HOUSE Podcast
487 Small_arrow_up417 Whole 'Nuther Thing
372 Small_arrow_up384 Tiempos Equivocos
323 Small_arrow_up367 DJ ARCH Soulful House Sessions
440 Small_arrow_up363 SMOOTH SOUL Classic R&B,Soul & Jazz
326 Small_arrow_up342 No Holds Barred with Eddie Goldman
217 Small_arrow_up324 Everyday Junglist with 8en & Jawa
474 Small_arrow_up283 Pete Sinacola's NIGHT TRAIN
226 Small_arrow_up278 Deep EDM Podcast - Progressive House, Deep Hous...
251 Small_arrow_up271 In A Perfect World
486 Small_arrow_up269 Dj Paul De Leon
233 Small_arrow_up253 Vocal001's Podcast
182 Small_arrow_up248 DJ Chris Colby's Dance Evolution Podcast
260 Small_arrow_up238 Dj Markx Hip Hop Show
362 Small_arrow_up234 Space Sharm El Sheikh From Egypt To Ibiza
451 Small_arrow_up231 Sex, Lies and Digital Recordings...
410 Small_arrow_up226 No Ideas Original Radio Show's Podcast
455 Small_arrow_up219 It's All About Meeeee!!!
492 Small_arrow_up218 Jughead's Basement
60 Small_arrow_up215 Occupy the Media Collective
218 Small_arrow_up211 Podcast Ghost Writer
355 Small_arrow_up209 Rain Aruba's Podcast
402 Small_arrow_up205 Azeroth RoundTable: OLD FEED DONT USE
438 Small_arrow_up200 BEATS
434 Small_arrow_up192 Gnostic Media Podcast - feed 2
208 Small_arrow_up191 Neo8o's Podcast
412 Small_arrow_up188 ArteCompacto
435 Small_arrow_up188 Drunken Zombie Back Up Feed. Not used.
405 Small_arrow_up187 The Paranormal View
334 Small_arrow_up182 Raffles
389 Small_arrow_up178 Intoxica Radio w/Howie Pyro
253 Small_arrow_up172 RM2 Miami Beach Sessions
292 Small_arrow_up169 VINCE K 's "DEEP & SOULFUL" PODCAST
272 Small_arrow_up168 Ben Sorensen's REAL Country
457 Small_arrow_up157 Soul Discovery Radio Shows on Podcast
219 Small_arrow_up156 Now Is The Time Ministries
475 Small_arrow_up149 Matutina de Damas' Podcast
269 Small_arrow_up147 How Jamaica Conquered the World
366 Small_arrow_up142 DJ Manny Lehman's Podcast Channel
351 Small_arrow_up137 Funky Vocal House Mixes
89 Small_arrow_up134 Iain Willis' Soulful House Podcast
287 Small_arrow_up131 Holly-J's Podcast
376 Small_arrow_up131 Buddies Lounge
416 Small_arrow_up129 DJ Mag Canada Podcast
459 Small_arrow_up123 DJ Camouflage's Podcast

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