Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on July 15, 2014.

Rank  Change  Title
417 Small_arrow_up870 Doug Jackson's
390 Small_arrow_up518 Big Daddy...Live From The Man Cave
426 Small_arrow_up494 The Dragget Show
361 Small_arrow_up452 Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More!
467 Small_arrow_up429 Universidade FM's Podcast
411 Small_arrow_up422 Misteu Galak's Podcast
450 Small_arrow_up314 DJ Detroit
371 Small_arrow_up301 ObesityChat's Podcast
332 Small_arrow_up248 DJ CHRIS LEWIS - DANCE EVOLUTION
488 Small_arrow_up238 Italiano Automatico Podcast
242 Small_arrow_up233 dj levi chin Podcast
487 Small_arrow_up232 Riddler's Revolution Podcast
479 Small_arrow_up218 Funky House UK
393 Small_arrow_up217 Musica classica e mais
306 Small_arrow_up216 GETTOBLASTER's Podcast
365 Small_arrow_up216 Team Success
455 Small_arrow_up215 Filters Podcast
482 Small_arrow_up213 こどもと英語で話そう!
480 Small_arrow_up208 We Don't Know Either
466 Small_arrow_up205 Dj Rush's Podcast
446 Small_arrow_up194 KISSY KLUB Podcast - Speed Garage & Deep House ...
258 Small_arrow_up193 Talking Brawls MMA.com Podcast
449 Small_arrow_up190 Neo-Anarchist Podcast: A Shadowrun History
301 Small_arrow_up187 The Small Picture Podcasts
275 Small_arrow_up183 Addiktive Local Sounds
384 Small_arrow_up183 The Berman Show
179 Small_arrow_up173 Women Of Letters Half Hour
348 Small_arrow_up167 Mr DJ ChEeSe's Podcast
291 Small_arrow_up165 The Soggy Bog of Doom Show
180 Small_arrow_up163 Radio America
383 Small_arrow_up162 The Ubercast
378 Small_arrow_up160 Popular electronic dance music
495 Small_arrow_up155 Righteous P***k w/ J-L Cauvin
423 Small_arrow_up153 El Sooper PODCAST!!
465 Small_arrow_up153 DJ ACE presents Global vibrACEtions Podcast
210 Small_arrow_up151 CREATION MOMENTS MINUTE
472 Small_arrow_up148 Strangers On This Road
191 Small_arrow_up141 The drop
359 Small_arrow_up139 DA SYLVA podcast (www.dasylva.fr)
375 Small_arrow_up137 Shootin' It
339 Small_arrow_up133 Rockabilly Roadhouse's Podcast
431 Small_arrow_up128 Soy Sonidero Podcast
404 Small_arrow_up127 Time4house's Podcast
240 Small_arrow_up123 Mucho Soul's Podcast
318 Small_arrow_up121 BROWcast
489 Small_arrow_up118 Dan Nightingale's In the House Podcast
344 Small_arrow_up117 djmistermola's Podcast
264 Small_arrow_up116 Ruan Legend's Podcast
370 Small_arrow_up116 Pure Sex Radio

55x55_8724423 PLAY Insomnia Micro Cast
Podcast: The Diesel Powered Podcast
From: BDC Entertainment Network
Duration: 31 min. 37 sec.
55x55_9768976 PLAY Cosmic Jam 13.07.14
Podcast: Patrick Forge's Podcast
From: patrick forge
Duration: 107 min. 41 sec.

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