Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on September 22, 2014.

Rank  Change  Title
495 Small_arrow_up887 The Dirty Sessions Podcast
388 Small_arrow_up484 Get In Da Corner Podcast
464 Small_arrow_up452 FOSTER the Podcast
472 Small_arrow_up411 LOS COMICOS AMBULANTES
467 Small_arrow_up371 Commercial Real Estate Show Podcasts
477 Small_arrow_up304 Chilly's Vibes
380 Small_arrow_up299 DJDerrickAnthony's Podcast
153 Small_arrow_up285 THE DEEP SECTION
439 Small_arrow_up278 The Boxing Coalition
490 Small_arrow_up271 DVC Athletics
496 Small_arrow_up258 The Saturday Soulmine 12-2pm UK
343 Small_arrow_up251 Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly's Podcast
411 Small_arrow_up251 DJ Rolemodel Mixes
400 Small_arrow_up246 Metanol, en speedwaypodd
446 Small_arrow_up241 The Medical Journal of Australia
426 Small_arrow_up238 ELECTRONYK PODCAST
315 Small_arrow_up228 Shootin' It
499 Small_arrow_up228 DA SYLVA podcast (www.dasylva.fr)
275 Small_arrow_up223 China in the World
322 Small_arrow_up217 Ivan Gomez Podcast
408 Small_arrow_up204 dj levi chin Podcast
243 Small_arrow_up200 DJ SPY'S VOODOO LOUNGE
401 Small_arrow_up197 Neo2soul Less Chat More Music
338 Small_arrow_up192 Soul Discovery Radio Shows on Podcast
430 Small_arrow_up189 LAND OF DANCE MIX by DJ St-e-f !
463 Small_arrow_up188 Reavivados por su Palabra
196 Small_arrow_up187 Straight from the Underground 2.0 Podcast
354 Small_arrow_up187 Roots Redemption's Podcast
356 Small_arrow_up184 The 405 Radio
361 Small_arrow_up184 FoGetDatYo Podcast Show!
385 Small_arrow_up184 Martin Lodge Mixes & Shows
434 Small_arrow_up180 DJ Theo's Soulful San Francisco House Sessions
481 Small_arrow_up180 Pure Sex Radio
355 Small_arrow_up178 * Helpless Hypnotized Hotties - Erotic Hypnosis...
445 Small_arrow_up177 Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World
327 Small_arrow_up176 PODS & SODS
456 Small_arrow_up176 Dj Temptationz's Podcast
422 Small_arrow_up171 Soul Deep Sessions - "House Made Sexy"
312 Small_arrow_up166 Seamus Haji's Big Love Podcast
382 Small_arrow_up165 Carter Lin's Podcast
311 Small_arrow_up164 Eavesdrop Radio
420 Small_arrow_up152 DJ Zach Burns House Sessions
219 Small_arrow_up147 Andy & Nichole's Podcast
262 Small_arrow_up146 Vegan Body Revolution with Thomas Tadlock
413 Small_arrow_up143 D-Jay NYC
101 Small_arrow_up138 Electric Thunder Radio
287 Small_arrow_up138 Double Portion Inheritance
331 Small_arrow_up138 DJ KISS' Podcast
57 Small_arrow_up136 House Music!!!!!
484 Small_arrow_up133 On Request Magazine - Music, Interviews and More

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