Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on March 23, 2012.

Rank  Change  Title
81 Small_arrow_up467 DJ PAULO PACHECO PODCAST
91 Small_arrow_up435 The Brocast!
158 Small_arrow_up396 Tyrone Francis's Podcast
224 Small_arrow_up394 DANNY VERDE podcast
460 Small_arrow_up377 Les podcasts Elbakin.net
394 Small_arrow_up376 DJ Deano Mixes (Handbag Remixes/Funky & Electro...
373 Small_arrow_up372 Groove Sessions with DJ Diva Dee
57 Small_arrow_up357 haffey boss' Podcast
336 Small_arrow_up357 DJ RONEN MIZRAHI's Podcast
28 Small_arrow_up356 Alain's Picks (Deep, Tech, Minimal and Techno)
458 Small_arrow_up331 Rockstar's free dance music podcast
178 Small_arrow_up305 DanceMusicDiva's Podcast
448 Small_arrow_up283 THE TONY 魂 SOUL SITUATION
438 Small_arrow_up266 BLACK TRIBBLES
420 Small_arrow_up257 Norvell's podcast
228 Small_arrow_up249 THE PICK N MIX PODCASTS.. Soul & House Music
424 Small_arrow_up247 Dance Universe
118 Small_arrow_up237 DJ PHIL ROMANO
162 Small_arrow_up230 Stereo Productions Podcast by Chus & Ceballos
337 Small_arrow_up228 sorcerar's Podcast
318 Small_arrow_up223 Dezza - Forever Friday Podcast
76 Small_arrow_up211 Great Unknowns Presents
170 Small_arrow_up209 DJ ReggNice Presents The Latin Mix Show
455 Small_arrow_up205 Evolution Rock Metal Podcast
480 Small_arrow_up203 Rabbi Binyamin Jadidi's Podcast
62 Small_arrow_up193 Supermayne Productions (SMP)
470 Small_arrow_up191 House Knights Podcast
345 Small_arrow_up190 THE READY CEE SHOW
360 Small_arrow_up189 Dj Bertrum's Music Mondays
136 Small_arrow_up182 BTE Podcast
253 Small_arrow_up182 Creatures Of The Net
195 Small_arrow_up181 Jaunt> Podcast
479 Small_arrow_up178 Watchmen Radio podcast
279 Small_arrow_up177 Fundacion Alzheimer España Podcast
323 Small_arrow_up173 Trance United Projects - T.U.P
171 Small_arrow_up171 Jellybean Benitez _ Jellybean Rocks The House
372 Small_arrow_up167 The DJ History Podcast
203 Small_arrow_up163 The FranetiC Podcast - Trance | Tech Trance | H...
406 Small_arrow_up163 VICE AIRWAVES
392 Small_arrow_up161 All Balls Don't Bounce
414 Small_arrow_up158 SPIRIT OF BRAZIL
454 Small_arrow_up156 Fine Electronic Sessions with DJ Rocari
472 Small_arrow_up151 RED-ZONE
179 Small_arrow_up150 Food is Medicine with Patrick Holford
332 Small_arrow_up150 A Night at Pleasuredome with Neil Lewis
90 Small_arrow_up148 Splendid Speaking
426 Small_arrow_up147 Spencer Thomas: Club Casualties Electro House M...
452 Small_arrow_up144 DJRB OFFICIAL - Live DJ SETS from NYC, Miami, ...
456 Small_arrow_up143 Harley Gatt: Toybox

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