Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on March 10, 2012.

Rank  Change  Title
388 Small_arrow_up821 Dj Chris Stutz's Podcast
197 Small_arrow_up411 WildSeed Music (NYC, ATL, South Africa)
77 Small_arrow_up362 DJ Seth Cooper's Electric Circuit Sessions
495 Small_arrow_up361 A Píe de Página
323 Small_arrow_up318 Sapphire's Earplay(Erotic City Radio)
114 Small_arrow_up301 'MIX'D' w/DJ Logan Spencer
497 Small_arrow_up292 The BronyVille LineUp Hour
27 Small_arrow_up287 HARD MINIMAL
263 Small_arrow_up286 Done & Dusted
362 Small_arrow_up284 Buddies Lounge
381 Small_arrow_up282 Kahua Music Deep House Podcast
438 Small_arrow_up251 Terrence McNally podcast
290 Small_arrow_up249 DJ b Desk'ness' Podcast
466 Small_arrow_up248 Love. Play. House. Mixtapes
454 Small_arrow_up232 A JAZZY MIX PRODUCTION N.Y.C. aka James Jazz Ro...
436 Small_arrow_up231 HotMix Club Podcast
245 Small_arrow_up229 Mr. Tony Dennis' Podcast
121 Small_arrow_up223 Jason Guy's House Sessions
430 Small_arrow_up220 DEEP LONDON RECORDS
403 Small_arrow_up210 Spencer Thomas: Club Casualties Electro House M...
406 Small_arrow_up210 Talkin with Walken
428 Small_arrow_up205 Thomas De Scott - Hands in the Air
112 Small_arrow_up200 FREITAG PODCAST
380 Small_arrow_up200 House Music!!!!!
24 Small_arrow_up198 Doug Jackson's
369 Small_arrow_up197 DJ Camouflage's Podcast
499 Small_arrow_up197 Da "Dj K-Boogie" Show
189 Small_arrow_up191 Catholic Ignatian Marian Spirituality
496 Small_arrow_up183 SexyEssex Classic House
417 Small_arrow_up177 Solid State Deluxe podcast
422 Small_arrow_up173 DJRB OFFICIAL - Please visit my DJRB Soundcloud...
493 Small_arrow_up168 D-Jay NYC
47 Small_arrow_up164 DJ Theresa's Podcast
286 Small_arrow_up156 DJ Creme Presents La Crema Mezcla
386 Small_arrow_up156 Sailing Beyond Knowledge Podcast
465 Small_arrow_up156 Can't Go Wrong With DJ Kue In The Mix!
415 Small_arrow_up154 Astral Projection/Out-of-Body Experiences
419 Small_arrow_up146 3 Bières
445 Small_arrow_up142 Kuduro de Angola
312 Small_arrow_up138 DjBillBennett's Podcast
275 Small_arrow_up133 Cours de Français / CHANSONS I
294 Small_arrow_up131 Tony Moran - Official Podcast
205 Small_arrow_up130 THE DIGITAL GOSPEL CHANNEL
104 Small_arrow_up125 House Music Trax
159 Small_arrow_up125 Tawnies Promotional Podcast
102 Small_arrow_up123 Wayne Williams' Podcast
372 Small_arrow_up123 Texas Blues Cafe
297 Small_arrow_up121 DJ Deano Mixes (Handbag Remixes/Funky & Electro...

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