Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on January 25, 2011.

Rank  Change  Title
322 Small_arrow_up72774 DavittDavitt xoxo's Podcast
231 Small_arrow_up68805 DJ BASSBOY
260 Small_arrow_up62129 Tecnlog
106 Small_arrow_up54065 Cerveceria Primus' Podcast
96 Small_arrow_up52577 Heat Radio
304 Small_arrow_up48198 Dean Curtin's Podcast
347 Small_arrow_up40328 Fred Black Baker's Podcast
127 Small_arrow_up37361 dj lady m's Podcast
351 Small_arrow_up32104 Mi Casa Es Su Casa's Podcast
286 Small_arrow_up29799 Re/Deep
332 Small_arrow_up26443 HOUSEMUSIC NATION
337 Small_arrow_up26304 The Quietboy's Underground Mix Show
483 Small_arrow_up25487 DjjoelSMuzyk Podcasts
324 Small_arrow_up21384 DJ CONTROL-IN THE MIX
22 Small_arrow_up20192 DISKOmUnIST Podcast
122 Small_arrow_up19013 AllOutAmy's Podcast
83 Small_arrow_up19011 Melita Dennett's Podcast
366 Small_arrow_up17753 Bromancing The Stone
109 Small_arrow_up17465 TAPE DRIVE
370 Small_arrow_up16617 debsh presents tech-house festivity podcast
172 Small_arrow_up14458 DJ Entyce's Podcast
308 Small_arrow_up14042 Blues Therapy with Stagga'Lee Henzel!!!
387 Small_arrow_up13952 Brazilian music for Gringoes 101's Podcast
184 Small_arrow_up13489 Andrei Francis' Podcast
302 Small_arrow_up12955 djrichmixx's Podcast
319 Small_arrow_up12915 Andrea Montorsi's Podcast
356 Small_arrow_up11893 Mr Mongoose's House
376 Small_arrow_up11470 DJ KEEFER's Mixs Series THE GROWN-n-SEXY AFTERH...
125 Small_arrow_up10571 Carl Dennie Podcast
75 Small_arrow_up9278 DJ WILLER's Podcast
373 Small_arrow_up8692 Marky P's Podcast from his show on Cruise FM
107 Small_arrow_up8565 SPWRECORDS EZ2 Please podcast radio
372 Small_arrow_up8438 invasion's podcast
261 Small_arrow_up8056 Expansions Sessions Podcasts
362 Small_arrow_up7821 FUNKT
380 Small_arrow_up7690 Moldavius' Podcast
305 Small_arrow_up7467 dj toner34 Podcast
230 Small_arrow_up7442 WMVHS
118 Small_arrow_up6869 Dj Davey Crockett Podcast
130 Small_arrow_up6735 dj passion's club land podcast
242 Small_arrow_up6645 G-Phi Radio
318 Small_arrow_up6645 Love Rock Sound's Podcast
224 Small_arrow_up6552 Empath Intuitive KJ
349 Small_arrow_up6192 Luminati
344 Small_arrow_up6172 DeeJ SUNDAE's Podcast
345 Small_arrow_up5735 SOUND ENERGY FLUX
293 Small_arrow_up5509 DaSPOT ((CARIBFLAVA))

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