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I was dubbed a" born teacher" by my grandmother as a child after arguing biblical points with her regarding the teachings of Jesus. I have taught in some capacity for as long as I can remember. My professional teaching career spanned over thirty years. Friends and family regularly seek my teaching in various ways. It is my joy to share information at many levels to inspire and motivate others to new levels. I was born in Texas, and after marriage and living abroad two years, settled in Southern California where I remained to work and raise my family for forty-eight years. I am the mother of three wonderful sons, seven great grandchildren and four beautiful great grands. Upon retiring in 2002 I started to yearn for "home" and returned to Texas in 2005 and settled in The Woodlands that I love. I've been inspired here to start a whole new life, and I am loving it. My latest ventures include A home retreat specializing in the raw food diet; the Home Radio Podcast; where I share the awareness I have gathered of wisdom, wellness and wealth on my journey through life; and,an expanding Professional Speaking career. This phase of my life is a very,very exciting time bustling with energy and vitality. I can lead you there. E-mail me at [email protected]

Jan 25

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Wisdom-Wellness -Wealth
Wisdom, Wellness and Wealth Talk Radio is about ways and means to become healthier,wealthier and wiser. It will help listeners experience balance in their lives through enhanced wisdom, wellness and wealth. the Show will feature exciting speakers, authors and coaches from time to time, with wise expertise in health and wealth building. I am excited and so will you be. Listen monthly at
Episode 5- Interview with Rev. Carolyn Harvill 40:25 11/16/08
Episode 4 Interview with Dr.Bruce Lipton 1:04:55 09/27/08
Interview with Brena Phelps Episode 3 29:12 11/10/07
Wisdom Wellness and Wealth- Episode 2 19:56 09/30/07
Wisdom Wellness and Wealth- Episode 1 11:47 09/30/07

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