Tony Dichiano Dancemania Show which was broadcast on Saturday the 28th of july @ 7pm will be uploaded shortly...


A little about your Host Tony dichiano

Tony has been Djing for over 20 years and has a really passion about music not just dance music but all gene's, but he's favorite has to be the dance music scene, he first started following dance music way be in the early 90's when it was known as House music which was just coming over from the U.S.A Tracks such as Jack your body and break for love by Raze ever since he has been hooked and started dj-ing at the very early age of just 16, he's dj-ing style is very much Club Mix dj and he's favorite gene's within the dance music scene has to be Funky house 'Hed Kandi' and Vocal Trance one of Tony's favorite Dj's is Armin Van Burren and has followed Armin for many years.

One of Tony's all time Favourite Tracks : Change - Medley featuring Change of Heart, You are my Melody and Warm. from 1984....

Plans for the Future:

Tony hope's to move in to music production and Remixing next year but will always dj as that is he's Real Passion........


The Dichiano Radio and Podcast Shows
Dancemania & Pyromania for lovers of the dance music scene, covering funky house / disco house / hedkandi /Commercial/ mainstream/ Trance. Dancemania is my Radio show which is more mainstream / commercial dance, whilst my Pyromania podcast is intended to represent the more club side of dance music so by merging the two on to one web site i will be able to give a wider appeal to listener's of the dance music scene. I feel it's important not only to play the latest promo's and Release's but also the best of tracks gone by, So don't be surprised when your listening to my sounds, you will not only get the best from now including forth coming release's, mash ups and Exclusive remixes but also wicked track's from month's gone bye....
Tony dichiano Present's Dancemania Part 1 1:06:26 07/31/12
Dichiano Present's Pyromania 1:07:34 07/25/12

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