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Michael Vitucci aka Mike Heron, was born in southern Italy, DJ / Musician, music researcher, Demos Selector and Promoter multiple labels, artist and founder Director Producer PODCAST TECHNO EXPERIENCE BACKGROUND.
Mike Heron is a project that represents its birth from the dark shadow figure of the imagination of Michael Vitucci.
His productions have a unique sound and more techno and targeted for a global audience. Instead, Mike Heron song has a sophisticated approach, characterized by elaborate swung micro-rhythms, thick musical baselines, complex arrangements, haunting melodies and tonal brooding introspective atmospheres.
Techno influenced by the movement in the 90 '. Now he is a great connoisseur of music.
He started playing with turntables, then moved to the CDJ, now his dj-set is a live cast performances and Digital DJing, subversive peak time techno and electronics, using Serato software and other technology to create on-1 laptop to fully integrated set.
It has more than 100,000 music tracks, the result of a constant and endless musical search.
His background ranges from ambient music, deep house, tech house, funky, alternative, electronic, fashion, style, cool, techno, minimal techno, Detroit techno.
I am a fucking genius, no escape for me. I look. hear, touch and take the wind. Are beyond the schematic, anti-creativity and reasoning rules obvious. They are stubborn and precise in my work and loyal to all my friends.
I love the purity, sincerity, the sea, the sun, alive and free thinking urban. I love love. I am honest and genuine, sweet when you need it, generous.
The life and the world are my sources of creativity, but also my infinite and complex thoughts. I'm good to go where others dare not.
It 'a joke ...... I'm Mickey!


Favorite Music
http://techno-minimal.podomatic.com www.myspace.com/mickyvitucci
Music, Art, Apple Computer, ableton
Places I've Traveled
Sidney, Londra, Parigi, Berlino, Amburgo, Perth, Miami, New York, Detroit, Chicago, Messico, Cuba, Brasile, Vietnam, Tokyo, Barcellona, Ibiza, Grecia

BTE Podcast
BTE Podcast This podcast is born with the simple attempt to diffuse the culture techno like a style of life. Our years are marked from a root electronic, our tastes, our plans, our aspirations, our art, our lifestyle, our music, they have printed publication a Techno matrix all' inside. The Techno movement has influenced like a pandemic, all the world, from Berlin to Toronto, London to Detroit, Stockholm to Tel Aviv. Techno is breathed anywhere, in the private little ones party, the museums contemporary art, in the new skyline of the city, in the furnishing, in numerous festival the summery ones…. In this group we want to be involved all those who have something to say, or to show, or it makes us to listen, under a Techno matrix: techno-style, techno-photo, techno-music. We want to be involved all you photographers, designer, dj, artists. In this group is possible to download a new Podcast to http://techno-minimal.podomatic.com week Draft fundamentalally of a group for the persons who love music, minimal techno, but any other style that the persons are interested to share. This is also a page where they can be mailed next events, be shared music, be spoken about a good ones dj, be spoken about a good vinile to acquire or a trace to listen, to insert yours playlist. MICHELE VITUCCI Owner, Musical Researcher, Label Manager CLAUDIA SANTORO Office Press Manager, Podcast Manager Regular Guest Podcast: MIKE HERON AKA Michele Vitucci PIER CATALANO MAETRIK NHAR STEFANO GREPPI PAKI DEROSA LUCIANO ESSE ALEXI DELANO XPANSUL BRENDON MOELLER PABLO BOLIVAR ADULTNAPPER DACTILAR MIKKEL METAL HOLGER ZILSKE FLUXION LUKE HESS GORGE ARNE WEINBERG DIRT CREW HYDERGINE LAURO & DODO VINCE WATSON KENNETH CHRISTIANSEN SIMONA FARAONE MARCO ZENKER MOVE D SVEN WEISMANN MARTIN SCHULTE ANDREA SUGLIA FABIO SCALABRONI EELKE KLEIJN AARON UND PASCAL CITIZEN KAIN DIMI ANGELIS ANTO CASSANO LORENZO CORISI AKI BERGEN PATRICE SCOTT COSMIC COWBOYS BLUME EMILIANO ENA aka EMIL HEART FRANCESCO PIUNTI CLAUDIO MATE ARNAUD LE TEXIER NORTHERNSHORE JEREMY P CAULFIELD ALI KURU GWEN MAZE MALKAVATH BRETT JOHNSON ACID CIRCUS ARTHUR OSKAN JOHN SELWAY ANGEE ZERO DIRTY CHANNELS HAHS BOUFFMYHRE DIRK DIGGLER TIM XAVIER FRANCISKO BASS AND TREBLE MAX POLLYUL DORO T.A. BROOMBECK DISKOmUnIST CARI LEKEBUSCH ROBERTO BOSCO ESTROE HUSKY DANFUNK LUCA BIONDI THANATOS VIBEES ALEX BAU JEN SHUTTON ORLANDO VOORN MOWREE ALAN FITZPATRICK ALEX FLITSCH SMOOTHOPERATOR PATRICE BAUMEL ANDREA FIORITO ANDRE KRONERT SEPH MARKO FURSTENBERG LEGHAU JONAS KOPP RESOE ONMUTU MECHANICKS MINIMAL GROOVE CONCEPT SAN PROPER FERNANDEZ MANETTA ART BLEEK SLP MADALBA LANGENBERG PIERPAOLO EFFE LARS G/BLAGGER LUCA DOOBIE XHIN FUNK D'VOID BENJAMIN FEHR OSUNLADE HEBBO SUBFORMS AHMET SISMAN BRIAN KAGE SANTORINI WILL SAUL FRANKIE B SIMONA FARAONE WORMHOLE FABRICE LIG JOEY ANDERSON NYC DUBSTARD MicroMusic ARNAUD [Input Selector] FRANK HAAG OWEN HOWELLS LIMO DAVID JAVATE LEE JONES DEEPAK SHARMA PFIRTER BEARWEASEL DAVE the Drummer GIULIO MARESCA ESKO BARBA PATRICK BATEMAN BRICKMAN GO HIYAMA FEDERSEN DOUGLAS GREED SIMONE GATTO SPIRIT CATCHER JULIE MARGHILANO JEMB DEMA & PARIDE SARACENI ACRYL CRISTIAN CARPENTIERI SKATRAMP DANI SBERT Mr. BIZZ GUIDO NEMOLA ANDROID CARTEL BLACK JAZZ CONSORTIUM AKIKO KIYAMA NITE CLERKS ROBIN HIRTE QUENUM TERMINAL SYNC NICCO N.D SUB AMP BLEAK BAS MOOY ANTONIO MORPH CARASSI EDMEA REEKO RIKHA DEPANDIS GIUS MESTO AKKYA COUSINS ELECTRONIQUES SILENT SERVANT PIEMONT MARCO SAPIENS VITO ARPINO DCARBONE BAEKS ATTEMPORAL DELUSIONS ANDREA BELLUZZI UNBORN GEAR ROBERTO CLEMENTI HIROTAKA MIYAMOTO PSYK LILLO G ALESSANDRO VERRINA & ANDERPLAU BEN GIBSON THE NOISEMAKER MANUEL DI MARTINO KAELAN FUTURE 16 IDEALIST PULSE CODE MODULATION MAS TEEVEH LaChriz DEVELOPER REGEN SASCHA RYDELL UNBALANCE GEORGE K POSITIVE MERGE JUSTIN SCHUMACHER KWARTZ PEPE ARCADE MTD REGGY VAN OERS FRANCESCO FINGERS IN THE NOISE IVAN VILCHES PLURAL DEEPBASS SATO HAIKU GANDALF (Stereo/IT) CONRAD VAN ORTON EKLIPEIN JESSE JAKOB GEORGE APERGIS JOACHIM SPIETH TWIN BROS ESTROE QUAIL ALTAVILLA RICARDO GARDUNO D.I.C.E DONOR ENERGUN DSX HELENA HAUFF TAKAAKI ITOH VSK CHEMIE ESPEN LAURITZEN PHILIPPE PETIT NX1 PAPOL TIM WOLFF ROBERTO FIGUS P.E.A.R.L. VICTOR MARTINEZ TRUNCATE VENZEL COEFFICIENT NESS 88UW SVEN WEISEMANN Freund der Familie MIRUGA H.PAUL BLEACHING AGENT FIEDEL GENE HOFFMANN SYNTHEK SZARE TOMOHIKO SAGAE AERTS NICK LARKIN ☛ ⓉⓄ ⓇⒺⒸⓄⓋⒺⓇ ⓉⒽⒺ ⓄⓁⒹ ⒹⒿ ⓈⒺⓉ, SEND US A E-MAIL: [email protected] ♪♪♫♫♪ Episode 382 NICK LARKIN Episode 381 AERTS Episode 380 MIKE HERON Episode 379 TOMOHIKO SAGAE Episode 378 SZARE Episode 377 SYNTHEK Episode 376 SLP Episode 375 GENE HOFFMANN Episode 374 FIEDEL Episode 373 BLEACHING AGENT Episode 372 H.PAUL Episode 371 MIRUGA Episode 370 MIKE HERON Episode 369 Freund der Familie Episode 368 SVEN WEISEMANN Episode 367 88UW Episode 366 MIKE HERON Episode 365 NESS Episode 364 COEFFICIENT Episode 363 VENZEL Episode 362 TRUNCATE Episode 361 VICTOR MARTINEZ Episode 360 P.E.A.R.L. Episode 359 ROBERTO FIGUS Episode 358 TIM WOLFF Episode 357 PAPOL Episode 356 NX1 Episode 355 PHILIPPE PETIT Episode 354 ESPEN LAURITZEN Episode 353 CHEMIE Episode 352 VSK Episode 351 TAKAAKI ITOH Episode 350 HELENA HAUFF Episode 349 DSX Episode 348 ENERGUN Episode 347 MIKE HERON Episode 346 DONOR Episode 345 D.I.C.E Episode 344 RICARDO GARDUNO Episode 343 ALTAVILLA Episode 342 QUAIL Episode 341 ESTROE Episode 340 TWIN BROS Episode 339 JOACHIM SPIETH Episode 338 GEORGE APERGIS Episode 337 JESSE JAKOB Episode 336 EKLIPEIN Episode 335 CONRAD VAN ORTON Episode 334 GANDALF (Stereo/IT) Episode 333 HAIKU Episode 332 SATO Episode 331 MIKE HERON Episode 330 DEEPBASS Episode 329 PLURAL Episode 328 IVAN VILCHES Episode 327 DIMI ANGÉLIS Episode 326 FINGERS IN THE NOISE Episode 325 FRANCESCO Episode 324 REGGY VAN OERS Episode 323 MTD Episode 322 MIKE HERON Episode 321 PEPE ARCADE Episode 320 KWARTZ Episode 319 JUSTIN SCHUMACHER Episode 318 POSITIVE MERGE Episode 317 GEORGE K Episode 316 UNBALANCE Episode 315 SASCHA RYDELL Episode 314 REGEN Episode 313 HYDERGINE Episode 312 DEVELOPER Episode 311 LaChriz Episode 310 MAS TEEVEH Episode 309 PULSE CODE MODULATION Episode 308 IDEALIST Episode 307 FUTURE 16 Episode 306 KAELAN Episode 305 MANUEL DI MARTINO Episode 304 THE NOISEMAKER Episode 303 BEN GIBSON: Episode 302 ALESSANDRO VERRINA & ANDERPLAU Episode 301 LILLO G Episode 300 PSYK Episode 299 ANDREA SUGLIA Episode 298 HIROTAKA MIYAMOTO Episode 297 ROBERTO CLEMENTI Episode 296 UNBORN GEAR Episode 295 DORO T.A. Episode 294 ANDREA BELLUZZI Episode 293 MICHELE VITUCCI Episode 292 DELUSIONS Episode 291 ATTEMPORAL Episode 290 BAEKS Episode 289 DCARBONE Episode 288 VITO ARPINO Episode 287 MARCO SAPIENS Episode 286 PIEMONT Episode 285 ANGEE ZERO Episode 284 SILENT SERVANT Episode 283 COUSINS ELECTRONIQUES Episode 282 AKKYA Episode 281 BLUME Episode 280 GIUS MESTO Episode 279 DEPANDIS Episode 278 MICHELE VITUCCI FARFLY Episode 277 RIKHA Episode 276 REEKO Episode 275 EDMEA Episode 274 ANTONIO MORPH CARASSI Episode 273 SUB AMP Episode 272 BLEAK Episode 271 BAS MOOY Episode 270 NICCO N.D Episode 269 QUENUM Episode 268 MICHELE VITUCCI Episode 267 TERMINAL SYNC Episode 266 ROBIN HIRTE Episode 265 DACTILAR Episode 264 NITE CLERKS Episode 263 AKIKO KIYAMA Episode 262 BLACK JAZZ CONSORTIUM Episode 261 ANDROID CARTEL Episode 260 GUIDO NEMOLA Episode 259 Mr. BIZZ Episode 258 DANI SBERT Episode 257 SKATRAMP Episode 256 CRISTIAN CARPENTIERI Episode 255 FRANCISKO Episode 254 ACRYL Episode 253 DEMA & PARIDE SARACENI Episode 252 DORO T.A. Episode 251 JEMB Episode 250 BLUME Episode 249 MICHELE VITUCCI Episode 248 LIMO Episode 247 JULIE MARGHILANO Episode 246 SPIRIT CATCHER Episode 245 SIMONE GATTO Episode 244 OWEN HOWELLS Episode 243 DUBSTARD Episode 242 DOUGLAS GREED Episode 241 FEDERSEN Episode 240 MIKE HERON Episode 239 GO HIYAMA Episode 238 BRICKMAN Episode 237 PATRICK BATEMAN Episode 236 OWEN HOWELLS Episode 235 DORO T.A. Episode 234 ESKO BARBA Episode 233 GIULIO MARESCA Episode 232 DAVE the Drummer Episode 231 EMIL HEART Episode 230 BEARWEASEL Episode 229 MICHELE VITUCCI Episode 228 SUBFORMS Episode 227 ANTO CASSANO Episode 226 MADALBA Episode 225 PFIRTER Episode 224 DEEPAK SHARMA Episode 223 MICHELE VITUCCI Episode 222 FRANCISKO Episode 221 LEE JONES Episode 220 DAVID JAVATE Episode 219 LIMO Episode 218 OWEN HOWELLS Episode 217 MALKAVATH Episode 216 FRANK HAAG Episode 215 ARNAUD [Input Selector] Episode 214 MicroMusic Episode 213 ARTHUR OSKAN Episode 212 PIER CATALANO Episode 211 ANDREA SUGLIA Episode 210 DUBSTARD Episode 209 JOEY ANDERSON NYC Episode 208 MIKE HERON aka MICHELE VITUCCI Episode 207 FABRICE LIG Episode 206 FARAONE Vs WORMHOLE Episode 205 FRANKIE B Episode 204 BROOMBECK Episode 203 LUKE HESS Episode 202 FRANCISKO Episode 201 DORO T.A. 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Episode 382 NICK LARKIN 54:53 04/29/15
Episode 381 AERTS 52:01 03/04/15
Episode 379 TOMOHIKO SAGAE 1:00:22 12/30/14
Episode 378 SZARE 58:59 12/01/14
Episode 377 SYNTHEK 1:16:40 11/14/14


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