Tanario King


Born in1977 in Atlanta Georgia, Tanario King is a product of extensive music appreciative parents. He accredits his success (now and futuristic) to the mixture of their genetics.
At a very young age, he was gifted with a small Fisher Price™ record player that was packaged with 4 plastic records. It had to be wound up to play. This unofficial device unleashed a thirst for music instilled within Tanario from birth. At that time he was oblivious to how music would evolve within him and ultimately be accredited for: “Saving my life”. He directly quoted once. Quickly boring with the toy replica Tanario insisted on an authentic record player in which he soon after received. Anyone around in the late 70’s and early 80’s may remember its suitcase resemblance with red and white stripes atop. 45’s could be purchased for a dollar during that time and were the only vinyl that would fit the small record player. He recalled his first 45 being the undeniable classic; ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ by The Jacksons 5. “We walked up the stairs still concealing gloom, there were two girls sitting in my room, she walked up to my face and said this is the place, you said meet you right here at noon…”. Combining ingenuity with minor mechanics, Tanario eventually converted the exclusive 45 player to be able to play larger scale records. His budding passion for music convinced him to carry this record player everywhere he went; including family functions and domestic parties. The small boy with his suitcase record player became familiar with such legends as: The Manhattans, The O’Jays, Jean Knight, O.V. Wright, Enchantment and Johnny ‘Good Time’ Taylor , just to name a few, but all with even balance outside the normal range of a boy his age. By the late 1980’s the musical joy he grew to trust since that Fisher Price™ record player was now maturing into a deep rooted passion. The cassette era had set in. Much like others his own age, recordings of V–103’s Fresh Party or weekend mixes; MC Shy-D, 2 Live Crew , Moni Love and Salt n Pepa were a few favorites. As for late night slow jams; Troop , Levert , Michel’le and Shai filled the cassettes that continued to collected in his room. Tanario learned to play the trumpet which led him to the Baritone/Euphonium where he discovered he too carried an appreciation for producing music. His excellent with the brass family instrument caused him to be an essential edition of the Columbia High School Marching Band , landing him both section leader and drum major honors. Call it nurturing greatness, call it opportune allowance for others, call it a strategic hiatus, but as for music, Tanario temporarily called it quits then.

After High School, he joined the United States Marine Corps, leaving as a 1st and 2nd echelon mechanic. Great experience I understand, but one he wouldn’t repeat if applicable. After the Marine Corps, life tossed obstacles and barriers at him, sometimes disguised as opportunities and/or advancements. Trials, tribulations and whirling roller coasters of realities convinced him he needed a pivot. Fortunately for the rest of us; the little boy with the Fisher Price™ record player returned to music!

Constant bombardment of early mixes from a few legendary DJs Such as; Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy renewed that initial thirst he held for music. “I feel stimulated again.” He too quoted.

In the year 2003, he stumbled upon what is now the legendary MJQ in Atlanta, Georgia. At the time Kai Alce and Cullen Cole were reputable DJs there at the time. He recalled a reflection on his initial visit to the DJ’s booth where he was floored with fascination -- they were using turntables and actual vinyl records! It was the age of compact disc and MP 3’s and they were using turntables! That was the night he kicked himself repeatedly for allowing years to mature and the music within him to collect dust. It was the same night he forgave himself and realized he was now HOME AGAIN. It was the same night he accepted his calling; A DJ.

In a small room inside his home, with great dedication Tanario fondles his love faithfully. It’s his drug of choice; if you will. Over the years Mr. King has met loads of individuals; from New York City to Europe that continue to assist him in prospering as a DJ. Tanario King is definitely an entity to be observed.


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