SuperMayne Productions (SMP) - John W. Bailey Jr. is releasing new music called "Pocket Change". Have a listen - - Thx and be cool & blessed - SMP

Sho' Nuff Knuf - Nu Funk Unleashed

I am known as SuperMayne Productions. I create, arrange, design and produce my own style of music. Music is a major part of life, and the Universal Language. Join me in spreading this gift of music. Try me out, you might like what you hear.....I can be heard at many places - http://www.reverbnation.comjohnbaileysupermayneproductions - or at - Do some good for your spirit & soul and also help support an independent, struggling music artist. Please stop by and pay me a visit. Music Support Donations are truly needed and can be made using Paypal using [email protected] as the recipient .....May all your "GOOD" dreams & aspirations come true. Thank you and stay cool....SMP

Home Studio, Park Forest, IL.
Park Forest, IL.
Political Views
Stay true to your heart and soul.
Religious Views
May GOD Bless everyone......Amen!

Favorite TV Shows
Nova, Arsenio Hall, Forensic Files; Bones; Castle; Comedy Central; George Lopez; Food Network; Sports, etc.....
Personal Music Bio
I want to point out a few accomplishments I have achieved along the way to my musical quest. I was born September 1,1955 on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. As a child I always had an intense feeling about music. But due to economic strains on my family during my youth, I was unable to explore and develop my musical interest. However, in 1970 I was blessed with an opportunity to experience music in a new light. One of my sisters was a member of an all girl band. I hung around their practice sessions and was gravitated to the drums. One day I picked up the sticks and that was it, I was hooked. That was the beginning of my amateur career. As a young teenager I taught myself to play. I got together with some other friends and we formed a Funk, R&B and Blues band called the "Mighty Forces". We became professionals doing some traveling and playing local venues. This went on until I could not afford to actively play anymore because of the responsibilities of having children. This turned out to be a career changing period in my life, but the passion for music never faded. To that end, I always felt that someday I would have a second opportunity to achieve that which has eluded me for so long. In May of 2007, I chanced upon an excellent, intuitive and powerful software music application (MIXCRAFT) which gave me the tools and inspiration to regain and move forward with my music aspirations. It has been a difficult task to this point, but patience; diligence and divine spirit is paying off. I am using my computer, a Casio keyboard and my old "Pearl" drum set to envision, compose and arrange my brand of music. I wish to share this music with the world my website is Whether, my music thrills the masses or is just considered mediocre fan fair, I have truly re-discovered the joy and passion associated with how music can make a person feel. My heartfelt thanks and success to the Mixcraft team and their wonderful product. I have now dedicated myself to the art of music (my personal music). No matter if this becomes profitable or otherwise, it is something that means the world to me and I will continue to strive for musical excellence. Without any doubt, I appreciate music's power and majesty! May you take it upon yourself and join me on my musical and spiritual journey. Thank You, and may GOD bless!
Music creation and production; sports; caring for and educating others.
Favorite Books
Not a particularly avid reader.
Schools / Education
Electronics certificate from DeVry Institute of Technology. Direct to card printer and Imaging certificates from Zebra, Fargo and Evolis companies.
God; relationships; family; music; friends; sports; technology; and many others.
Favorite Movies
Friday; Independence Day; Enter The Dragon; Transformers; Iron Man; Underworld; Men in Black; Tombstone etc......
Favorite Music
Jazz; Funk; R&B; Classic Rock; Pop & Alternative music.
Favorite Quotations
Do onto others, as you would have them do onto you!
Places I've Traveled
A plethora of cities in the continental United States and abroad to France.
Artist Support
Please donate what you can afford to assist me with keeping my podcast music alive and available to all. You may donate with Paypal, using [email protected] as the recipient. Thank you so much and may you stay blessed. Thank you...SMP
Glad to connect with you my new friend...SMP - SuperMayne Productions -
Stop by, expand your mind! Thx

Supermayne Productions (SMP)
Welcome to SuperMayne's Musical Showcase. Please don't hesitate to have a listen to my music. It's primarily - nujazz, nufunk, and r&b. But it also offers up alternative Donations are accepted through: Paypal ([email protected]). Thanks for dropping by and please stay cool & blessed.....SMP
Dapper Dave - Nu Jazz Chronicles 3:33 11/22/12
Funk Fest - Who Gives A funk? 3:45 03/23/13
Close Call - Nu Jazz Chronicles 3:13 07/28/14
We Are (DFunk) - Spectrum Rainbow 4:40 02/20/14
Jazzerific - Spectrum Rainbow 5:16 01/23/14


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