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Sean Williams is playing live on HOUSEMUSICSANCTUARY.COM Wednesday nights from 8-10! Come join me for a Deep & Soulful musical journey! Peace.....

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I am a true lover of House & Jazz music. I grew up listening to Hip-Hop, the whole break dancing thing. I know I'm not the only one out there who used to pop lock, up rock & break. I was introduced to the DJ scene way back then. I wanted to cut & scratch back then. I had a old Radio Shack two channel mixer & two old turntables. One was a belt driven pioneer, & the other was a direct drive by Marantz. I remember working the tables while my cousin was rocking the mic. We used to rock the house back then......literally! It was my parents house, but we rocked it anyway! Hahaha! I moved away from DJ'ing & got into drums real heavy. I marched Drum Corps for a couple years, & played in the band at Norfolk State. (The best drum line in the world I might add!!) I have been back into DJ'ing now for a little over a year. I got back into it using a Gemini 3600 all in one unit. It was just what I needed to get me started. Now I have a set of Denon 3700's & a Behringer DDM 4000. Everyday is a new experience with this music, it's so dynamic. I don't think there is another form of music that captures the soul & feeling of Jazz & House music. I Have loved House since my brother Dale introduced me to it back in the late 80's, & now it's better than ever. Seangoesdeep...........peace......

Fredricksburg, VA
Virginia Beach
Religious Views
God is the way!

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