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ryan scott


feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any inquiries. I'm also starting up a mailing list so feel free to drop me your address with 'mailing list' the the subject head and i'll make sure to add you.

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Hello, my name is Ryan Scott and I'm a house addict. I'm not sure the exact moment it happened but house music has taken control of my life. In fact, i would say my relationship with music borderlines obsession. I eat, sleep, walk, and talk beats, take it away from me and I would slip into a world of despair carrying with it devastating symptoms of withdrawal. It wasn't always like this though, it began in the early to mid 90's with my first introduction to electronic music. I was intrigued by these new sounds surrounding me and needed more. As quickly as I could I found myself a hook-up and without knowing its highly addictive qualities, asked if I could give this "house music" try. Since then my life has been a rapid blur of beats, blends, blips, bloops, synths, stabs and samples. Over the years my sickness grew and I began to infect others. With total disregard for the well being of myself or those around me I began recklessly delivering beats to the unsuspecting masses. Along the way my path crossed fellow addict Filip D and together we formed the collaborative twodeep, a Chicago based support group designed to treat individuals with unrelenting house addictions. We promptly infultrated numerous clubs and loft parties, pushing our beats in an attempt to seek out those with similar addictions. Eventually my tastes began to change, some flavors of house became more pleasing to the palate than others. In the beginning I would dabble mostly in deep tech with a bit of house. Later on, after a few trips to California, I succumbed to the pressures of lounge and the west coast sound. As time went on the tolerance of my addiction grew, I required something more. My love and passion for tech had returned but my need for music was too much, so now I play it all.

feel free to check out my website for some older, non-podcast sets.

if you have any problems downloading a set, please contact me and I'll provide you a backup link.

Jun 08

contact, booking and mailing list: [email protected]

ryan scott
i do my best to bring you quality underground music
BRC | 2:45&GDP 58:25 09/20/13
Piece of Mind 1:06:18 07/26/11
Blank 25x25_599166 Episode 24 09/13/10
while I was out 59:42 08/05/09
guest mix - jay mutiny 1:13:48 02/05/09


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