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**Once --- "There" ___ Was a Time Where --_`-`_-- "RACE" ___ Was Just a Thing 2 Show Ones Quickness or Endurance With the Quest 2 Finish 1st.. And Never Last... Taking Defeat With the Superior Class Of the Likings Of Champions.... With the Thrust to Try... and Try.. again and again... Making of Men Whom Never Fail... "Then" ___ (Which is a Thing Called "Now").... Was Within This Empty Space__ _---_ It Shows On The Face __ (`^`) __ In This Space__Marks a Place... With a trace of Pain/Pleasure... Insane/Clever... Always/Never... Sour/Sweet Taste For the Reflective Mirror of Opposites Lusting For the Thing Called Love! Searching Yet Not Finding what they Have always have Had! Settling as if 2ed was what they wanted in the 1st Place!!!Then...(Which Is Now) Causing a Generational Pace full of disgrace.... To Enter a 'Race' ... With No Haste... With This Intentional Thing 4-one-2-Show ones Best 2 Finish Last..Live With No Class.... With a No Moral Head... feed with A No Moral Ass.... Starve Vs Fast.. So Pray We Ask!!! Well Sent 2 Help Us Cure This Sickness..This Vindictiveness..Help Us 2 Resurrect..Our Inner-Self..2 Save and protect each other...Not Only in Mind but in OUR SOULs Lying Within..Our Body's Which Has been Claimed By GOD... 2B - A Temple Of The Holy Spirit....Who Is In YOU...WHOM You Received From GOD....You Are Not Your Own........ __TIME___THEN___There___NOW___-____RACE For Time_ Rellish Each Moment---- 4 we Never Know When It may Be Our Last! At Least as we Know It... Lets Pray... ~^~
-- 1Luv My Peoples..GOD BLESS Us ALL!!! Yours Always ______'RACERELLISH'_________ .Cant U See...I Think I Need U....And U Might Need Me............... Feed Ur Soul-4free... 2 check me out more at - , Facebook.. search Rell Dean and/or RaceRellish.. Google my Name.. UTube.. & Myspace.com/RaceRellishMusic , or, Myspace.com/RaceRellish ,Know My Name 2Enter*, or , RaceRellish.PodoMatic.com , _________Thanks 4 The Loves My Peoples---->Holla Wit Anything/AnyTime.....1-4-Luv ....B-4-Rell....Many Blessings 2U...Always............'RELL Dean .......,Aka,__'RaceRellish__ ^^----------------ENJOY** ALL DONATIONS MAKE IT POSSIBLE 4 RaceRellish 2 CONTINUE 2 GET BETTER AND MAKE THE DREAM POSSIBLE**THANKS 4 ALL U DO!! Not Just For Me.... But For U!! I DO Luv U! :) __ 'RaceRellish'__ [img:http://www..com/banner_130x55_01.gif] [http://www.myspace.com/RaceRellish][img:https://www.paypal.com/en_US/i/scr/pixel.gif]

Apr 25
Kansas City MO. (Killa C)
RaceField MO.
It's Complicated
Religious Views
U Best Believe In One Bigger Than OnesSelf... And Pray On IT

All Things GODLY - Good - Fun - Loving - Positive - Pretty - Party - Profiting Positivity - Natures Parts Of Funky Fantasy's On Air - Land - & - Watering Wet Pleasures Unlimited____ In other Words _______Make It ALL ______^^All--NATURELL^^____I Lovs-N-Likes almost all Music or at least appreciate what an Artist was trying 2 say or feel even if its something I wouldn't normally listen 2 on a regular...I Lus my Sports...Lovs being outdoors...on the lake fishing/boating/hiking/golfing/chillin wit a cocktail on the deck...Loves people who have a belief that there is good in this sorry backwardsass place we call home...all things positive U-Know?!!Good Shall Prevail---at least in this lifetime.........Ask 2 Avoid The Evils....and Dont be Afraid.................________check out more at __ http://soundcloud.com/ racerellish, FaceBook me, Myspace.com/RaceRellish ,or , http://RaceRellish.piczo.com , God Bless U All ----ENJOY & 1Luv ...Always Be Blessed And Pray....Us-Sinners ....... Damned -------- GOD Help Us All... ...C-Ya-Soon-My Friends___ Rell Dean.......Aka..................... 'RaceRellish' THANKS... , [img:https://www.paypal.com/en_US/i/scr/pixel.gif]
Favorite Music
~Godly ~ Funky ~ Sexy ~ Fun ~ Hard ~ Groovin ~ Rockin ~ Soothin ~ Smoothin ~ Super Rocked Funked RUNK Crunk Stinky Junk... With a P on it U Matha Funkers Kinda Stuff!!!
Music.. Relaxation.. Family... Friends.. Spirit.. Sports.. Romance.. Outdoor Actitivy.. And Just Great Fun!!
Favorite Books
Schools / Education
Not Enough! Stay in school like.... 4eva!
Favorite Movies
To Many to List!
Favorite Quotations
Free Ur Mind and Ur Ass Will Follow!! (George Clinton)
Places I've Traveled
Not Enough!
Favorite TV Shows
Sports... Music... Sports... ??

RaceRellish Podcast
A Homegrown blend of Soul.. Spiced with Jazz.. Hybrid of Blues.. With a touch of Rock/Funk.. Creating a Original Taste Called "Runk" An Original Music Idea pg from the Ozarks Underground! Taste it.. touch it.. Feel it.. Smell it.. Cum and Join the Growing family of... "RaceRellish" 1Lov2All
We Can Make It 5:04 08/23/08
Kansas City (here i come) 3:11 02/28/15
SomeTimes.. 5:41 12/20/14
The Critic 4:35 03/05/12
Loves Gone With The Sun - "Rell Dean" 5:54 06/05/08


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